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September 2019



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ysilme in photo_scavenger

Old ... drawings

One of the oldest things I've ever seen have been the amazing rock carvings in Tanum, Sweden, on the west coast close to the Norwegian border, from the Nordic Bronze Age (~1700-500 BC)
There are several large petroglyph sites in the area, about 600 panels, and of an amazing variety. We have been lucky to observe several archaeologists at work when visiting and learnt that the red colour has to be refreshed every seventh to tenth year, depending on the water exposure.

See next shot for clearer images:

They had many boats, animals - deer/elk as well as dogs -, were performing rituals, hunting and whatever. The guy in the front andcentre has a bow. And yes, they all have huge penises, and secretly observing other visitors discovering these can be very funny! *lol*

On this slate, a couple of archaeologists were taking measurements and other info. We couldn't find out why the glyphs where painted white here and assume it was for photographing reasons, as the contrast is much better and one sees teh fine details much easier. The original colour was red, though, therefore they get repainted in red.
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What a fascinating place!
It was indeed! We're both eager to visit similar monuments and sites wherever possible, but this rock carving area is simply breathtaking, also in its vastness. They all also have such a special beauty to them which is even more palpable when one can see it for real, and (in some places) touch the sun-drenched rock they're carved into.
How marvelous! I absolutely love archaeology.
Yes, isn't it always amazing what people can find, and read out of the tiniest morsels of something? And then make the past come alive so vividly.
Those are fascinating. I can understand the huge penises are sticking out to the front - but what is it that sticks out backwards?
There was no real info available about these. We both think they're most likely axes or another kind of weapon or tool.
Menfolk and their exaggerations!
*lol* Indeed! This is also making clear that the painters can't have been women, isn't it?
You have a point!