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Smile please

September 2019



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camera happy

cairistiona7 in photo_scavenger


New shoes!

 photo IMAG1763-1_zps59d7a825.jpg

Bought them over the weekend, the same style as my old falling-apart ones, but in new colors.


I love them!
I love the color of the shoelaces and soles. They're a wee bit more firm than my old ones but hopefully they'll soften up as they "age".
Nice! I hope they serve you well! :o)
So far after the first session on the treadmill, they're doing all right. Have to wear thicker socks next time, though, as they slipped a little at the heel. Might get some foam cushion inserts as well. My feets need softness!
Yeah for new shoes. I need some, and I'm pushing it out as long as possible (not fond of shoe shopping at all, I'm afraid).

- Erulisse (one L)
I like shopping for "fun" shoes but not trainers. I decided this time to be smart, though, and looked up the model name/number for the pair I had, which I love, and then see if I could find them in stock somewhere. Shaved hours and days off my usual hunt for new trainers.
okay - now i want to know that model/name/number that you bought. i need new ones also and these are the first ones i've seen that i like the colors!
They're Nike Dual Fusion ST2's. I found them at a Nike outlet store in my area. :)
any chance you're in Portland, Oregon? i just called the outlet and they said they have them! gonna go check them out. thanks so much.
Nope, I'm in southwest Missouri. *g* But I'm glad you have an outlet near you that has them! I hope you find them comfortable... feet are funny things; what works for me might be horribly uncomfortable for someone else. Let me know if you get them!
Nike is based here (in a suburb of Portland), so we have a really big outlet store. I'm going today - let you know what happens!