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Smile please

September 2019



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alwaysjbj in photo_scavenger

New & Old

I'm a million prompts behind, and I will attempt to make an effort to catch up, but that may or may not eventuate. lol For now I will have a teeny catch-up.


I just treated myself to a lovely set of Heartfelt Creations (rubber) stamps.

 photo F2E4D38F-9681-4196-B4D4-B5AC9D3D5448-170-0000000ABA52FED2.jpg


This isn't really old, just made to look that way. A distressed, old-fashioned-looking baby card that I made in my card class.

 photo 089F505A-3D3F-4054-9AAF-287EC662E254-170-0000000CFC7E5F6B.jpg

and this is it opened up

 photo 90CE1A7C-9A65-4C7A-899E-54A71911D46F-170-0000000B8521AD29.jpg
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Wow, what a gorgeous card. I love handmade cards.
It is gorgeous, isn't it? I so wish I could claim responsibility, but the wonderfully imaginative lady who teaches my card class came up with the design.

I love handmade cards too, and am enjoying getting back into making them after a very prolonged hiatus. So much has changed in the fifteen years since I was last making cards.
Great answers to the prompt! The card looks great.
Thanks...it was a fun card to make... I just wish I had the imagination to come up with such beautiful designs by myself. lol
How lovely! So you are taking a card making class? Will you become famous?
LOL You can get famous by attending a card-making class?

And, yeah I used to do card-making many years ago, and wanted to get back into it. About 6 months ago I discovered a lady who runs classes out of a little shop on her property about ten minutes from me. I go once a week and it is so much fun and the other ladies who attend are all really nice. We make 2 cards and she provides a print-out of the steps, all the materials and morning tea and biscuits (cookies) for just $15. I'd say I don't know how she makes a profit, except that we probably all buy far too much stuff from her each week after class.
Oh, lovely!!! I think I might have the stamps you have in the far right of your pic - and am envious of the others... I love flower stamps because they are so versatile.

And the baby card is gorgeous. I really like the vintage images you've used for this.
I just loved that whole collection from Heartfelt Creations (as you can probably see by the fact that I bought the lot LOL). I also have the matching dies on order...can't wait for them to arrive as I have played with them in class and they are great.

I love flower stamps too...and I have found I have a weakness for flower dies... I have far too many of them! lol But, I really enjoy making flowers, not only do you end up with a lovely end product, but is quite relaxing.

The paper is from the Kaisercraft Bundle of Joy collection...it is really lovely paper. http://www.kaisercraft.com.au/newsite/collections.php?col=88
What a beautiful card--quite a keepsake for the recipient!

I'm not very crafty at all, but I've always thought if I were to take up a craft, it'd be card-making and scrapbooking. It'd be useful, for one thing, and might be something people might actually enjoy receiving (as opposed to, say, ill-fitting knitted sweaters or hideous watercolor landscapes they'd feel compelled to hang on the wall when I visit, only to swiftly put it up once I left!)
oh, just do what you did for the prompts - jump in where ever you are and go from there.

i like that both of yours are connected via the stamp theme. i used to do stamping and have too many sitting in my garage not getting used. perhaps this will inspire me!
That card is exquisite!
What a fabulous card - and have fun with the new stamps, too.