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September 2019



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New - Awaiting the Opening

We're getting a new streetcar line near where I have my shop. It runs on the busiest east-west street in town and the two-year construction project has impacted traffic and businesses negatively for far too long. But I have hopes that it will be wonderful when it is completed and opens this fall. Here are some pictures of one of the stations just waiting for the passengers...

Green Line 4

Green Line 5
The signage is already flashing, waiting for the train cars to legitimize their warnings.

Green Line 3
Obviously someone has already been visiting. Boots like this are more winter wear than full summer fashion. Some child will have a cold foot in a few months.

Green Line 1
The auto traffic still will continue using the street also. The construction widened the street and reconfigured it to allow for the width of the two train tracks and the stations - it was pretty major.

Green Line 2
The old warehouses that lined the street have all been repurposed to new fancy condominiums. Many artists were evicted and had to find new warehouse space for the studios.

Green Line 6
So there you have it - something new just waiting for opening day and riders. The city hopes that this will cut down on bus and auto traffic.



Interesting kind of new - and it sounds indeed like major street remodelling! We had that some years back when an abandoned streetcar line was re-established in the city where my MIL lives. The street couldn't be widened, but one of he goals was discouraging inner-city traffic anyway, so it's now become a maze of small lanes and one-way streets with the tramway running proudly in the middle. But as much as everybody complained at the time, they all use it and are glad to have it. ;o) I hope the effect of the streetcar line will make up for you for the inconvenience. Bringing more customers, perhaps?

That shoe looks a bit like chainmail. *g*
I was rather surprised to look down and see that child's shoe sitting somewhere that really wasn't even open to the public yet. Quite weird, but a fun happenstance. It does look a bit like chainmail *g*

The construction was major and long. Lots of small businesses went out of business because their customers either couldn't get to them, they lost their parking, or a variety of other construction-related issues. Fortunately my shop is almost a mile north of the Green Line so I wasn't as affected by the construction as others who were closer.

- Erulisse (one L)
Nice! I hope the people in your city take advantage of it.

I always wonder why there's only ever ONE shoe by the side of the road? And why do we not see more people walking around wearing only one shoe? These are the questions I ponder in the wee hours...
The idea of a single shoe, which actually is found quite often, would make a good plot bunny, yes? I like your ponderings...

I think the line will be very well used. It will run from downtown Minneapolis to downtown St Paul, will end at the newly renovated train and bus depot, and will be close to the state capitol and the minor league baseball field. I think it will make getting around much easier and parking less of an issue.

- Erulisse (one L)
The Phoenix Valley went through that when the Light Rail came through - and a lot of businesses closed, and there were gripes and complaints... but since it's opened, businesses have re-opened, and most of the areas near the line and stations are thriving (as the rail has proven far more popular than feared).

Great shots! (I always wonder at children's shoes left laying around -- I figure the mother gets them home and then throws up her hands with a "What did you do with your shoe?!?")
I think in the long run this branch of our Light Rail will be well worthwhile and businesses are already starting to recover and fill in the spots that had emptied out. But it was a long and difficult haul for many of the small businesses.

Thanks for the positives on my poor photo skills :-) I'm quite sure that mothers do ask exactly that with total exasperation. I know mine would have...

- Erulisse (one L)
A trolley would be a lot of fun. This is Light Rail, a bit more like a trolley on steroids :-) What amazes me is that there used to be a streetcar system all over my city in the 20's, 30's and 40's. They tore the tracks up in the 60's and 70's or paved them over in some cases. Now they are, in essence, making the grid again but this time under a slightly different name. So strange...

- Erulisse (one L)
Those are fascinating pictures.
Thanks. Now to find something borrowed. Hmmmm......

- Erulisse (one L)