Ysilme (ysilme) wrote in photo_scavenger,

Blue blossoms

Blue has been my favourite colour for many years, and I have a deep love for all kinds of blue flowers and blossoms. Have some of my favourites:

- chicory, or blue sailors, in our garden -
(what common name do you usually give them?)

-  columbine, in an English-style garden in Sweden -

- delphinium, in an artist's garden in Sweden -

- the blue hydrangea the WW gave me for our wedding anniversary -
You don't see the blue? Well, when he bought it in May it wasn't brought to bloom in advance,
so no blooms showed. The tag said blue, the nursery said blue, so it IS blue, of course.
Who are we to contradict the professionals? After all, colour is about perception, isn't it? *g*
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