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I really like blue, so I couldn't contain myself to one photo...

Blue wildflowers, called day-flowers (commelina erecta), growing at the edge of our woods:

 photo IMAG1796_zps06c7c68c.jpg

They're called day-flowers because the blooms last just one day. By mid-morning they're already starting to wilt. There's a lovely verse to go with it:

'Tis moonlight in my garden; like some fair babe at rest,
The day-flower folds its silky wing upon its
pulseless breast;
Nor is it vain philosophy to think that plants may keep
A holiday of airy dreams beneath their graceful sleep.

From "My Garden" by Caroline Gilman

This wildflower is always special to me because my mother let a big clump of them grow at the base of our big propane gas tank in the backyard of the house where I grew up. They're "weeds", really, but they're such a pretty blue that she couldn't bring herself to pull them out. For several years, I've been keeping an eye on a few small ones that had sprung up along our woods. They'd never made much progress until this year, where they've finally grown into a huge clump. That they're growing along the way to the spot where we scattered Mom's ashes this spring makes this a very special blue flower indeed.

And inside the house (and laden with far less emotional significance), I have a lot of blue & white.

In the kitchen:

 photo IMAG1832_zps825655b2.jpg

On the dining room wall:

 photo IMAG1833_zps9e07f425.jpg

In the corner of the dining room:

 photo IMAG1835_zps43e0524e.jpg

And on the sideboard/buffet:

 photo IMAG1836-1_zpse21b92b6.jpg
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