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Smile please

September 2019



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cairistiona7 in photo_scavenger


I really like blue, so I couldn't contain myself to one photo...

Blue wildflowers, called day-flowers (commelina erecta), growing at the edge of our woods:

 photo IMAG1796_zps06c7c68c.jpg

They're called day-flowers because the blooms last just one day. By mid-morning they're already starting to wilt. There's a lovely verse to go with it:

'Tis moonlight in my garden; like some fair babe at rest,
The day-flower folds its silky wing upon its
pulseless breast;
Nor is it vain philosophy to think that plants may keep
A holiday of airy dreams beneath their graceful sleep.

From "My Garden" by Caroline Gilman

This wildflower is always special to me because my mother let a big clump of them grow at the base of our big propane gas tank in the backyard of the house where I grew up. They're "weeds", really, but they're such a pretty blue that she couldn't bring herself to pull them out. For several years, I've been keeping an eye on a few small ones that had sprung up along our woods. They'd never made much progress until this year, where they've finally grown into a huge clump. That they're growing along the way to the spot where we scattered Mom's ashes this spring makes this a very special blue flower indeed.

And inside the house (and laden with far less emotional significance), I have a lot of blue & white.

In the kitchen:

 photo IMAG1832_zps825655b2.jpg

On the dining room wall:

 photo IMAG1833_zps9e07f425.jpg

In the corner of the dining room:

 photo IMAG1835_zps43e0524e.jpg

And on the sideboard/buffet:

 photo IMAG1836-1_zpse21b92b6.jpg


I love blue, as well.

Those are such sweeeeet flowers.
They're really a pretty shade of blue, like pieces of an October sky falling to earth.
So many lovely blue things! ♥ I love the flower story very much; these emotional treasures are something extra special, aren't they? And they do look very nice, too!
Thank you!

I do like it when I can find an emotional connection to a flower, especially a positive one like in this case.

The day-flowers' leaves are starting to get a little tatty and yellowed now because of the heat and lack of rain, but they're still blooming as bright as ever.
I love blue flowers - it's such a rare color in nature and so deeply restful. I love all of your blue and white pieces also. They wouldn't fit into my home, but they make a super collection of beauty in yours.

- Erulisse (one L)
I think I love blue flowers for their very rarity, as well.

I tend to have more traditional furnishings, partly due to inheriting so many things, so those blue & white pieces fit in really well. I love transitional design, that takes in modern and antique both, but haven't quite figured out how to do it yet. I want to work in some modern pieces, but so far haven't found the right things at, more importantly, the right price (although I've found PLENTY of the right things at... exorbitant prices. LOL)
What a beautiful little wild flower - and I am so glad for you that it is growing where it is.

Such lovely blue and white china, too - I especially like the last piece.
They're very cheery little flowers.

That platter was given us by my husband's sister, in honor of our adopting our daughter from China. The center symbol, as near as I can figure, is a stylized form of the Chinese character(s) for "double happiness", although I've never been certain because that's usually a symbol for a wedding... but then my SiL doesn't know Chinese so she likely thought it appropriate simply because it has Chinese motifs and is blue & white!
I'm very fond of that blue flowered plant too, because of the delicacy of the flowers. The version most often seen in Australia has striped leaves, and I think from memory that the flowers are more purple than blue.

I love your collection of blue and white china.
Thank you. :)

That flower apparently has a lot of different varieties. A purple version with striped leaves sounds very showy!
Some nice blues you got there:)
Thank you!