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Smile please

September 2019



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myrhiann in photo_scavenger



When we were married 14 years ago I bought quite a lot of champagne glasses as we were holding the wedding in our garden at home and serving bubbles and finger food before going on to another venue. Over the years the glasses have been broken, one by one, until there were only 2 left, so I went into town recently and bought another box of 6. The price had increased by three times or more, which shows the effect of inflation.


What a lovely gift for yourself. :)
It wasn't a gift for myself so much as replacing something we needed. I have other glasses I like better, like Orrefors, but I would feel as shattered as the glasses if they were accidentally broken. These glasses are attractive, but also not wildly expensive, provided that you buy them when they have been reduced for a sale, which I did.
I ♥ sales.
Me too.
Such a pretty style. Congrats on now having a complete set of eight *g*.

- Erulisse (one L)
They are Bohemia brand, made in the Czech republic. We find that the ball on the stem makes them very comfortable to hold.
My mother gave us a multi-sized set of Bohemia brand glasses when we got married. They are indeed lovely to hold.

- Erulisse (one L)
That was a lovely gift, and practical too, as you can replace items if you need to without a pain in the hip pocket!
Those are very pretty.

It's been my experience that around year 15 of a marriage, you have to replace everything you received as wedding gifts (or bought for the wedding like your champagne flutes). It's really too bad we can't hold "15 years of marriage showers" like we do wedding showers!
That is a great idea, but I can't see it catching on. (grin)
What very pretty glasses.
Thanks. They are Bohemia brand, made in the Czhech Republic. We both find that the piece in the stem makes them easy to hold.
That is a fascinating prompt answer.
We're still having champagne glasses bought for the same reason for our wedding, too. There are still some left, but as we had about 120 at the time, that is no surprise.
Your supply of champagne glasses should last you for some time yet.
We didn't take all, only a dozen, and my parents kept most of the rest with some going to my sisters. But we all refilled our stores with the parental stock, so I've lost the overview. Still, no end in sight yet. But we broke the first gift we got, a beautiful salad bowl, and on the seventh birthday of our marriage, too! Contrary to all predictions it hasn't brought us bad luck, though - after nine more years I feel confident to say that! :o)
It is a terrible shame that you broke the salad bowl though, since it sounds as if it was something you really liked.
While I break things more often than I like to (due to my bad eyesight; I often bump things) his time I was innocent: The bowl was hand-painted and needed to be washed manually, and she broke all by herself when I put her in the dishwater. The water wasn't very hot, it bumped nowhere, there really wasn't any reason to, it just broke clearly in two. I was more concerned with the WW's slight superstition, having broken glassware in our seventh year. ;o) He fretted more about that than the bowl.