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Blue is a colour I like, so there is a lot featured in the house and the garden. Here are some examples..

Blue glassware in the bathroom
The window is one of a pair that I bought at an auction years ago, and have always hoped to make them a feature in my home. I think I might clean up the frame a bit, put hooks in the top, and hang them from the window, where the sun can shine through. The glass is hand made.

Blue and White china in the living room
The diamond patterned china is hand made and hand painted in Thailand. Over the years we have brought quite a lot back from our trips there.The Spode jug in the centre belonged to my great grandmother, and the white coffee jug which belonged to my grandmother commemorated the first session of the Australian Parliament, which I think was in 1921 or thereabouts. The Duke and Duchess of York, later to become King George V1 and Queen Elizabeth represented the royal family at this event. The white jug on the middle shelf also deserves a mention. It was one of a set belonging to Les' mother, and he can remember from a very young age lying in a pram in the kitchen and looking at it.

and now to the garden...these are blooming now
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