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Smile please

November 2019



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Wenlock, Olympics

brutti_ma_buoni in photo_scavenger


We've had lots of sky this week, and I'm sorry to repeat in a way. But I couldn't resist this. It's been a beautiful bright late summer day here, and you couldn't miss the rich blue of the sky above me on the park bench I was relaxing on with a newspaper.

2013-08-31 10.40.34


That is a very summery blue indeed.
It has been quite irresistible this week - have to keep looking up!
A "rich blue" indeed.
I love how summer skies change from pale at the horizon to this deep colour. Will never get tired of staring at it!
I love that rich blue of a late summer sky. I look forward to it. Have to get through spring and summer first though.
Well, it's most definitely shading into autumn here, so should be coming your way before too long!
Wow, THAT is blue! Even more awesome with the yellow leaves? at the bottom.
They were just perfectly placed for the contrast, weren't they?
What an intense blue. We rarely get a blue this strong where I live.

- Erulisse (one L)
I wouldn't say it's common here either, but this is the right time of year for it. Have to look upwards when it's like this!
Lovely! I find it almost impossible not to take dozens of photos when the sky turns that brilliant deep blue. For me, it happens most often in late September and October, so I'm still waiting on the heat and humidity haze to clear out.
Oh, me too. It's irresistible to look at. The weather's definitely turning here, but I'm chasing the sun down to the south of France mid September so hoping to catch up with it soon!
Lovely and bright:)