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Smile please

September 2019



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curiouswombat in photo_scavenger

Black & White

I was going to post a picture of some penguins in our local wildlife park - but I actually like the demoiselle crane more -

Demoiselle Crane photo blackandwhite2_zpsc369acdc.jpg

And here is a classic black and white picture of the ruined St Peter's Church in Peel.

St Peters Church Peel photo blackandwhite_zps2cffe48e.jpg


Very lovely crane! I approve heartily of your choice. Penguins, ppffft.
Thank you. We used to have an elderly minister at church with a very similar hair-style and I always think of the demoiselles as 'Reverend Thompson cranes'!
Quelle belle demoiselle! The ruin shot appeals to me very much; the intense contrast is very dramatic.
Thank you. I do rather like the demoiselles. I'm glad you like the Peel church picture - it was a clear wintry day when I took that last year.
Cranes are such beautiful birds. And that's a rather spooky photo of the church ruins.
They are beautiful, aren't they? I am rather fond of the demoiselles in particular.

And yes - the ruined church makes for interesting pictures.
What a fascinating-looking bird.
I always think they are rather elegant - as well as reminding me of a very elderly church minister I used to know.
Thank you - it is my pleasure.
The crane is a very elegant bird, and the ruined church wall makes a lovely composition.
I really like the demoiselle cranes. St Peter's ruins sort of lend themselves to photography!
Nice shots - and yes, that crane's feathers are somewhat reminiscent of a hairstyle I've seen 'in the wild' as well.
And,of course, having realised, the hairstyle and the demoiselle cranes will now always remind you of each other whenever you see either... :P
The church is fabulous, very dramatic in that photo.

And I LOVE the crane, it is stunning!