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Smile please

September 2019



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myrhiann in photo_scavenger

Black and White

My black and white kitchen


Nice! I'd love a spacious counter like that.
Thanks. I designed the kitchen myself, to achieve as much bench and storage space as possible. The kitchen has 3 windows, which made it a bit difficult.
Thank you.
Hee... you have the same handles on your cupboards as I do.
We have similar taste then.
So clean and tidy!
That was when it was brand new and I was moving stuff into the drawers and cupboards. At the moment I am trying to convert the junk heap back into a better organised space. It is Spring! Does anyone manage to keep their kitchen looking pristine all the time? I can't.
I love your counters, and you have so much room! I'm totally envious...

- Erulisse (one L)
Thank you. I designed it myself to get as much storage and bench space as possible. The kitchen has windows on 3 sides, which made it difficult. I might post another pic since I am getting favourable comments, and I always like to look at other people's kitchens.
What a nice kitchen - I have kitchen envy!
Thank you, I designed it myself. Would you like to see the other half of it?
Yes please!
I will post later today. I will put the pics on Photo Scavenger behind a cut, as some others were interested as well.
I have to say that kitchen envy is a great compliment.
Very nice!
Very nice! This looks like a comfortable and practical place to work and cook. You're having the handles I would have loved to get, but only discovered after I chose mine. *g*
It is a comfortable and practical work space, or would be if my husband wasn't underfoot. There is not enough room for 2 people in there, and it was not designed to be that way. It is a shame those handles were not available when you were looking; I find them very satisfactory.