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Smile please

September 2019



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alwaysjbj in photo_scavenger

Black and white

One of our resident magpies. He follows me around singing at me when I'm in the garden.
 photo P1000442.jpg

For anyone who'd like to hear what they sound like, there is a good video on you tube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oYEYc8Ge3nw

And a few black and white pics on my computer room wall

 photo 5C997989-CCBD-48F2-8457-BC5E33BF2069-519-000000422F07EB33_zpsf1f8bce1.jpg


That's a splendid bird:)

(And let me guess, you like Bon Jovi...)
I do love magpies...and Bon Jovi.

LOL And both the magpie and Jon sing beautifully and strut around thinking they are gorgeous.
What a beautiful and friendly-looking bird!

Bon Jovi! I confess to a great fondness of playing "Wanted Dead or Alive" on my guitar (to far less impressive effect...)
Our magpies are very friendly...ridiculously so (I have had them try to follow me into the house looking for treats), but many can be quite aggressive in spring when protecting their nests.

LOL Way back when I was trying to learn to play guitar, I could manage the intro to Wanted... it just never sounded as good as when Richie plays it. *grin*
What a great shot of your feathered friend.
He has no problem with posing for the camera...he's gorgeous and he knows it! lol
Oh, he is a lovely specimen and so nice to see up close like this.

- Erulisse (one L)
It was funny, I was trying to take photos around the property and he had been following me around striking poses and getting in the way, so I finally decided to take a few of him and I was very happy with how they turned out. He really does know how to pose for the camera. lol
Ah - I suppose I should always expect that your magpies are not our magpies, but it always surprises me! Good to know!
LOL No, our magpies aren't even in the same family as your magpies... but that is often the way with common names.
I love the blackbird picture.

I'm kinda fond of Bon Jovi, too.
Thanks, he's quite the poser so getting good shots of him isn't too hard... a little like a rock star. lol

I'm off to see Bon Jovi in December, I just hope Richie is back with the band by then. *sigh* No one seems to know what's going on with his overly long sabbatical.
What a pretty bird! I am so behind on this community.... *sigh*
He is pretty, and he sings so beautifully!

I have given up on the idea of playing catch-up as I am so ridiculously far behind... I am just posting when I can. At least the weather is finally starting to warm up, so maybe I'll stop coming down with a new cold/flu every second week and I'll be able to get out and take a few more photos.
I hope so! It's been beautiful here, now suddenly incredibly hot again. Only supposed to last a day or so, though and then we're back to lovely fall weather. You may have noticed that I am completely failing to remember to turn Skype on.... must look into making it automatic like messenger.
It's a great shot of it. I'm not sure if it's the same magpie we have here but I love that bird for it's colours actually. When the sun hits it just right the black glimmers in green/blue colours.

Bon Jovi! <3
How cute, having a "house magpie" like this! They do make interesting sounds. Hereabouts, most people chase them away because they rob the songbird's nests. I rather like them for their colouring and their intelligence, and don't mind them. But due to all the chasing they don't let two-leggers come close.