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New collage.

Hey, everyone! Better late than never, right? (Although according to my clock, I have one more minute until the next theme begins. *cough*) My name is Penny. I am 24 years old and currently living outside of Dallas, Texas. Someday my introduction might include a husband and children, but for now all I can tell you about are my exciting adventures being a recent college graduate. I double-majored in theology and psychology at a small, private school here in Dallas. I'm currently applying to post-graduate programs in clinical psychology across the country. When I'm not busy doing paper work, I enjoy hanging out with friends and doing new things.

Speaking of new things, I've never been part of a community before on LiveJournal (not really, anyway) and I've never done a photo challenge, so... here it goes! I debated all week what to post and decided that my new year's resolutions would have to do. :) I wish I owned a cool camera, but I don't. In fact, this photo was snagged with my sister's Nikon CoolPix. :)

New Year's Collage
New Year's Collage
"Reflections on a New Year"

New collage.
New challenge.
New day.
New year.
New resolutions!
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