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Smile please

September 2019



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brutti_ma_buoni in photo_scavenger


Vienna Blois 241

I picked this one because I took the photo solely on account of the echoing colour across nature and man made object. A back road near Blois.

Under the cut, a luxuriant vegetable garden, red, green and glistening black at the centre (and if anyone can tell me what the black plant is, I'll be grateful, though it doesn't fit the prompt!)

Vienna Blois 246


I really like that first picture - I wonder what those rather cheerful flowers actually are?
Someone down comments says gaillardia - and who am I to argue? *g*
What a perfect match between the sign and the gaillardia in the top photo!

In the second photo--I have begonias that exact same shade in pots on my deck. And the dark purple-leafed plants... I'm guessing they're a variety of purple-leafed peppers.
I love that match very much.

You may well be right - it's actually a vegetable garden in most areas, so vegetables are likely.
We've been there last Thursday, and they're currently having a pepper variety called "Black pearl" which looks very similar, just the fruit are literally small, black pearls. The leaves and stems are nearly black as well.
That garden looks wonderfully lush.
It's beautiful - Villandry, which is mostly famous for that garden. We saw it right at the end of the season in late October and it was still absolutely gorgeous.
Love the parallels between man and nature in the first one. Lovely photos, both of them!
Thanks! Couldn't resist that colour comparison.
Great photos. I like the colour co-ordination between the road sign and the flowers, it makes a really good pic.

As for the vegetable garden, it has made me feel enormously hungry looking at those vibrantly healthy and lush plants.
Thank you! They are gorgeous gardens at Villandry, even late last year.
Beautiful garden!

It's hard to tell without a closeup, but as it is a vegetable patch my guess on the black plant would be a capsicum. You can get capsicums with black leaves, and capsicums with black fruit...so, both yummy and ornamental.

It is certainly a veggie garden to aspire towards! lol I shall have to show my husband.
I think anyone trying to match Villandry is going to have their work cut out. But you can try! Thanks for the hint on plants; sounds likely.
LOL Oh, he won't have a hope of matching it, but if nothing else, he will greatly enjoy trying!

You can get such pretty capsicums...you could make a whole colour display in your garden using nothing but. We grow a lovely heirloom variety called Sweet Chocolate, it is quite striking with lovely green foliage and rich chocolate coloured miniature fruit (and it is very tasty too).
Oh, these are just lovely.

- Erulisse (one L)
Love the colour match in the first. I think I want that garden, though.
I can't see the pictures. :( Computer is not loading them I think. I'll come back later when he feels better. :)
What a coincidence - we're just back from our holiday there, and I chose pics from Blois and Villandry for my entries, too! *g* I had followed the new prompts, though not the entries until now.

I love the traffic sign-flower combination, it's also a somehow typically French pic, isn't it? And, of course, Villandry! ♥ A great shot of the veggie patches.