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Smile please

September 2019



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myrhiann in photo_scavenger

Black and white kitchen

More kitchen pics, behind the cut..
Flatpack cupboards delivered.
Construction in progress
Moving stuff back into the kitchen
The cluttered end  of the kitchen
The corner cupboards have turntables.

Taking these pics was quite a challenge, obviously there must be a special lens for this type of close up photography. The yellow green of the low voltage lights doesn't help. That was a decree of former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, a very small contribution towards saving the planet from climate change.


Nice kitchen! I LOVE the baking tray storage next to the oven...I shall have to keep that in mind for the next time we do up a kitchen.

There is a trick to the energy saver bulbs in the kitchen (I found out because I HATE trying to cook in the yellow light), you can get daylight bulbs...still an energy saver, but a nice bright daylight light, which is much nicer to have in the kitchen...the only problem is they are much dearer than the other type.
Thanks. I do know about the daylight bulbs, just haven't got round to buying some, but I do think in the kitchen it would be a help. There is also a low voltage fluoro, which gives very little light at all. The lights are so high we have to get an electrician to change them, and he bought the fluoro. In the winter it is like trying to cook in a cave. Not so bad once the days grow longer.

The little storage space beside the oven was an accident. My brother, a builder, measured the kitchen and I designed it. When he came to put it together there was a space, but it proved to be a very useful storage addition. Fortunately the bench tops had not been ordered at that stage. I keep the bread boards there as well.
That is a really good use f space, that tray storage. The whole kitchen makes such good use of space, though.
I really tried to squeeze in every bit of storage possible. On the table side of the bench there are another 3 drawers, in what would otherwise have been wasted space. I still don't have enough. In our former home the kitchen was 'farmhouse' sized, and even though it was a cluttered mess of unmatched cabinets, I managed to store everything reasonably well.

I know you would love to have that bench space, with the baking that you do.
I love the shelves in your corner cabinet... they're much easier to get at than the ones I have.
I think they are a great idea. It is much easier to access the contents. Otherwise I would be bending, and straining my back in an effort to get things out.
Look at that view! How wonderful. (Can you tell I live in an apartment?)

LOVE those turntables. My mother calls them Lazy Susans.

Edited at 2013-09-10 10:50 pm (UTC)
I knew there was another name for that shelving, but I couldn't remember it. Whatever, they are jolly useful.

The main reason I put that pic in was because there was a view of the back yard. I understand how you feel. I lived in an apartment in Sydney for 26 years, and I yearned to have a garden. I think the block of land would be what used to be the standard 1/4 acre. Something half the size would be easier to maintain.
I love the windows - all that light in your kitchen. And the space and cunning cabinets. You did a great job with the design and build-out.

- Erulisse (one L)
Thank you.
I extra-love that one with the garden out the back!

And yes I find the modern bulbs to be annoying for photography, especially when, like in mum's room, one of the wall lights is cool white and one warm white *facepalm*
I included the pic with the view of the garden, as it shows part of the garden, and I have to admit that at the time we looked at this house it was about the only selling point, apart from closeness to shops and services.

I agree about the low voltage bulbs. When I have saved some more money I am going to get new lights for the kitchen; we are still living with the 1970's ones which are not fittings of great beauty. I will need an electrician just to change the bulbs for me, so I may as well go for new fittings at the same time, and I will make sure that they are placed where they are most needed, and that the bulbs are 'daylight' and also of sufficient wattage. It is like a cave out there in the winter, when there is little natural light.
The lighting sounds awful. New fittings and better bulbs would be really nice, and update it well. Mum got new fittings too, and they were the cheapest ones, but also the nicest! Simple half-moons of frosted white glass. Seen them around a lot of places, possibly coz of the price, or coz they are so lovely!

Could you post a pic of the light fittings for me. It might save me a lot of walking.

There was one light fitting in this house that was so ugly we donated it to the Salvo's at the first opportunity, along with some 1920's one which were ok, but made of heavy coloured glass, and didn't provide much light. We have been living with plain paper shades since then.
yep ok :-)
Yay for new kitchen!

Indeed, you would need a Fisheye lens to take in the whole room at once... the distorted image they give have their own appeal. Personally, I prefer standing in the middle, taking shots all around the room and later putting them together to one single picture.
Anyway, your images show your kitchen very well, and it looks awesome, with very well-planned space and storage. I absolutely love kitchens and well-organised space, and had the time of my live planning and constructing the two kitchens I could. Having open space for bread bords is cool, so they are well accessible and can air nicely. I'm also having a specially-designed window right over my sink, after the example of some Danish holiday cottages we rented; as wide as the sink (80cm) but only 40cm high, to give light, but allow for open shelves overhead where we store all our tea pots and pitchers.

I hear you on the light colour question. We take care to get the right kind of colour for our bulbs, depending where they are used, and are currently switching to LED bulbs everywhere, as soon as one needs replacement, or sometimes even without it, because it's much more power-saving, keeping the replaced gas ones for backup and the basement.
I noticed the size of your kitchen window when you posted pictures of your cat exit. I also recall seeing a pic of the shelving where you keep the teas, so now it all comes together in my mind.

You are lucky to have a choice in regard to LED versus gas bulbs, we don't. I am all for reducing electricity consumption, but not when it leaves me struggling to see while I am working in the kitchen. I try to prepare the vegetables before nightfall so I can see what I am doing. I would like to keep my fingers still attached to my hand. I am looking into buying some type of LED light that will proved good light where it is needed. At present the only strong light comes from the halogen lights in the extraction hood.

I am going to need an electrician to change the bulbs, since the ceiling is 12feet high, so I am waiting until I find suitable light fittings, and I will then have him install them. (The kitchen isn't finished yet; it still needs to be painted, and then have better light fittings installed. Actually, since the light fittings need to be repositioned it would make better sense to do those first, then repair the ceilng and have it painted later. I would like to get it done before December because Les' sister will be making a brief visit, and I would like the kitchen to look it's best.)