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Smile please

September 2019



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nom nom nom

cairistiona7 in photo_scavenger


M&M's anyone?

 photo IMAG1747-1_zps13d13def.jpg

Taken in a candy shop, with my phone. You could create your own mix of colors... I *just* refrained from indulging!


Ooooooh! My eyes would be googling out of my head if I was in a store like that.
It's a very fun store, although much too tempting!
Oh Wow!
I really never should have posted this, because now of course I'm craving M&Ms like mad...
All those lovely colors, and best of all they aren't going onto my hips - LOL. It was like looking at paint - all glorious and waiting for the perfect use.

- Erulisse (one L)
LOL... true. It's much healthier to simply admire that candy in a photo.
And now I want M&Ms...

Do they have black ones?
Hmm, I can't remember, but they might have. I know they make black M&Ms.

I fell to temptation and bought myself a small bag of M&Ms yesterday. A woman can only stand so much.
Yes please!

And it's good you didn't mix the colors. They are colorful in their own way already.
When you buy them bagged, they do come in mixed colors, which I think is fun. But it would be neat to have a candy dish filled with all one color (not that it would last very long!)
What a lovely, dangerous store, *g*, and what a cool display! This answers so perfectly to this prompt. Choosing my own colour mix would be aweseome - greens, blues, turquoise... *drools* Are these chocolate howeveryoucalltheminenglish, or those with a mint filling? My fav mint ones are only to be had in white and pink (sigh), but now I have a serious craving. *g*
It is a rather dangerous store. You and I go for the same choice of colors. :)

These are all the milk-chocolate ones, with a candy coating. I've seen the mint-chocolate ones but haven't ever tried them.
If you like mint, do. Of course, I don't know if it's the same kind, but ours are heaven. One of the oldest sweet still in existence hereabouts since my childhood, besides gummy bears.
Unfortunately, they're not always available in mint, but I think, if I recall correctly, they have them around Christmas.

What are the mint candies called in Germany? We have something called Junior Mints here which I could eat by the truckload. They have a wonderful creamy white mint filling, surrounded by dark chocolate. Oh heavenly noms!!

I may have to get myself a box today...
The ones I'm talking about are called "Schokolinsen", "chocolate lentils". They're rather hard, made from mint-flavoured chocolate or from chocolate and have a mint-flavoured coating. I suppose they're using mint oil, as the aroma is very strong. The coating is a thin sugar coating. Is that called candy coating?
They're larger than the usual chocolate "lentils" - do you call these things lentils at all?
Have a pic. Event he packing still looks like in the 70s.
No, we wouldn't call them lentils--we reserve the term lentil for the actual lentil bean that you make soup with. I'm not sure we really have a specific term for that type of candy, other than a "piece", as in "Can I have a piece of candy." And with M&M's, you would just say, "Can I have an M&M?" or "Can I have some M&M's?"

Here's the wiki on M&M's: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/M%26M%27s

They're probably one of the most popular candies here in the US. Lots of ancillary stuff with them--toys, race cars, funny commercials. It's become quite a thing in pop culture these days.
M&Ms are well known, though something similar called Smarties is much more known and widespread - particularly when I was small. They also come in cool tubes and are chocolate-covered ones only. They're in high demand by kids, with stuff filled with them, cakes decorated by them (it's not a proper birthday cake without chocolate coating and Smarties on top; on the other hand, we don't have these square motif-decorated cakes at all). M&Ms as brand name are well-known today, too, but were quite rare when I was small. The tubes don't look the same any more and now often are also angular and not round; but when I was small, crafting at the Kindergarden was virtually impossible without smarties tubes, and they were an indispensable item to store your treasures.

"Lentil" is probably the wrong term, I should have used "lens", but they're both the same in German - used for the legume, sweets, and technical and medical terms likewise.

Is that Viggo on your icon?
We have Smarties here... but nothing like your Smarties (oh the candy confusion! LOL). Ours are small tablet-shaped candies that are fruit flavored with a teeny bit of tartness. Your Smarties do look very much like our M&Ms. If I'm ever in Germany, I'll have to get some and do a taste comparison. :)

And yep, that's Viggo, sharing his breakfast (whether voluntarily or not, I'm not sure) with a pony!
*g* Isn't he the kindest soul? ;o)
I haven't eaten smarties in ages, apart from the odd one on a piece of niecely birthday cake, and only ever eat the peanut M&Ms; but the taste is very alike IMHO.