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Smile please

September 2019



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mrowe in photo_scavenger


Various flowers and one of my cats inspecting the dry laundry



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Beautiful flowers! And such an adorable kitty pic.
Thank you:)
Those flowers are a feast for the eyes!

*pets Explorer Kitty*
Explorer Kitty says RARRRR!?
Spectacular flowers! And I love the cat photo to break them up. Hmm, what's in *this* sleeve...?
Or trouser leg;-)
What fabulous colours in the flowers. And how useful to have a cat to help you sort the laundry... :)
They're very helpful:)
I adore flowers, but the cat had me totally laughing!

- Erulisse (one L)
She does that to me all the time (and she likes lying under the laundry when I take it off the line, so I always try to have a camera at hand)
Wonderful colors on the flowers. Kitty is adorable!
Thanks:) - and she knows it, too (being a cat)
A great colour choice, particularly in this combination. Yay to working cats! *g* I don't have a laundry helper any more, but my girl loves to sit and observe every little thing I do in the kitchen.
The ladies aren't that interested in human food usually (although this one has a thing for bread)
Mine isn't interested in the food, either - she also never gets anything, apart from the rare occasions when I prepare raw meat for the cats anyway. It's more being with me, I suppose. She loves to be with me whatever I do, but the kitchen is the place where she supervises me most. We used to have a chronically ill cat who got fed on a special part of the working space, so I could supervise the medication intake more easily. This feeding space remained after his death, and now she always sits there observing me.
It's nice when they do that, isn't it:)

I usually have one or two computing assistants at my desk. (The icon is my previous cat, who did have an interest in human food - one of those cases where you take the photo first and only remove the cat afterwards.)
" one of those cases where you take the photo first and only remove the cat afterwards.)"