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Smile please

September 2019



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Lion King

wildrider in photo_scavenger


I'll go ahead and use the UK spelling, since others are. :)

But my color picture is 100% American Southwest, the Sonoran desert in bloom:

Another cactus flower:

This hibiscus was in bloom in our yard, but couldn't survive the hard frost we had last winter:

Nothing more colorful than Blue Man Group's Electrical Parade (I wish I'd gotten some better shots!)...


I love the cactus flowers. The contrast between them and everything around them - including the rest of the cactus - is so striking.
Cactus in bloom (any cactus, really) is always staggeringly beautiful -- some cacti have such remarkable flowers!

Some of the most stunning, though, are pure white, not so colorful!
Cactus flowers are intriguing, they look so delicate and beautiful, in between the cactus spines. The hibiscus and the Electrical Parade are also good prompts.
They have an interesting texture, too -- very different from "ordinary" flower petals (almost plasticy-feeling!).
I suppose they are more like leaves than petals. I have one growing in the garden, left behind by the previous owner.
Cactus flowers are so intensely colored. They truly are magical.
They really are! I'm just glad these came out so well - we'd picked a perfect day for the botanical gardens - bright sunlight and springtime in Arizona!
Oh, fun, fun fun! Great color all around (even if you are making me homesick for the deserts of my youth).

- Erulisse (one L)
It is lovely that on flowers colours just blend together beautifully.
I just love cactus flowers... such unexpected beauty!
Those flowers are absolutely beautiful.
The flowers are beautiful:)
I love cactus flowers. These are just beautiful.
Great pics! I love the cactus flowers best, and particularly the first shot with the contrast between the delicate petals and the stark spikes? (I don't know which term belongs to cacti).