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Color - My Refrigerator

I fully admit there's nothing very colorful about a stainless steel refrigerator, but my magnets are way fun and my Angler Fish magnet is fantastic.

Angler Fish Magnet

The Angler Fish is unique. It lives in the deep depths of the ocean. The spring from it's head has a bio-luminescent dangle help it catch it's prey as well as attract a mate. When a male (considerably smaller than the female) finds a female, he takes a large bite and actually permanently joins with her. From then on, her feeding will also feed him. More information here on Wikipedia.

And now for my full range of magnets, three of which were an exchange with an LJ friend from the Isle of Man. Can you guess which ones? The kitchen appliances were from my father-by-marriage's refrigerator and I have them on mine in him memory. The small mouse at the upper right was a holiday gift from my oldest niece when she was quite young. She's more than 40 now with two children. I made the small hummingbird picture on the left for my mother-in-law and retrieved it from their home recently in her memory.

Refrigerator Magnets

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