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Smile please

September 2019



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curiouswombat in photo_scavenger


I love this terracotta panel, on display in the V&A Museum. If I remember rightly it is fifteenth century. This form of highly coloured pressed terracotta panels were cheaper than hand woven tapestry, or painted panels, so allowing more churches to have wonderfully decorated walls .

terracotta 1

The thing I like most about this particular panel is how very real all the faces are - here is a close-up -

terracotta 2


That's absolutely beautiful!
Isn't it? It really caught my eye although our guide was more interested in another one nearby.
I particularly liked those from the other post you did recently. The colours are wonderfully vibrant, in the best possible way, and the workmanship is outstanding.
I think I would have to class it as one of my favourite things in the whole of the V&A - I went back and just looked at it for ages.
I love the bright colors and each face is so remarkable.

- Erulisse (one L)
The faces really fascinated me - so individual.
I remember this from your LJ post... absolutely exquisite.
It was one of my very favourite things of that visit to the V&A.
It's beautiful and you captured the detail well.
I think it was one of the things I liked best from that day in the V&A, I was really pleased that the pictures came out so well.
That's a very nice piece:)
Isn't it lovely? There is just so much beautiful stuff in the V&A that it is easy to not even notice things like this.
Oh yes. Those faces look very real. It's a beautiful panel.
I do love those small children. Some of the 'in passing' things in the V&A are so good if you stop and look at them.
How fitting for the prompt, and what a beautiful piece! The realistic faces are indeed awesome - and so typical for Renaissance art. I just can see the artist's kids sitting patiently on a stool, waiting until Daddy or perhaps even Mummy has taken some sketches...
It is lovely - I stood in front of it just looking at it for a long time - and yes, I can just see the family members being brought in to model.