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Smile please

September 2019



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curiouswombat in photo_scavenger


I had intended taking my camera out and about on Saturday - but, in the end, I spent quite a bit of the morning in Derby Square in Douglas - because that is where my local tyre place is situated and I had a flat one. So - a square, then...but I didn't take the camera...

However - here is one I prepared earlier! This is a photo I took in the centre of that very square a few years ago -

derby square photo iom013.jpg

National Tyres and Autocare are about 20 yards to the left of the houses in the picture.

The statue fascinates me. For about 5 years my office was on the other side of Derby Square, and I used to walk in that central garden quite often - and the man in the fishing hat, clutching the naked lady, whilst kneeling on a shaggy dog, always drew my eye. I finally discovered that it is called 'Rescued' and was by a sculptor called Frank Mowbray Taubman. And that it depicts 'the embrace of a prehistoric man and wife after she was attacked by a wolf which he sits astride after killing it'.

It still looks like a man in a fishing hat to me!


It looks like a fisherman embracing his mermaid-love!
It is really odd, isn't it? But it does draw the eye!
Cool statue - though I'll agree with you and go with the fishing hat *g*
It has fascinated me ever since I first saw it in the middle of the square. Especially why the sculptor made the hair of the 'prehistoric man' look like a fishing hat.
The sculptor must have a very fascinating mental imagoe of prehistoric people, to fashion the hair like that... I'd absolutely go with your fisherman! *g*
It is really weird, isn't it?
This is really an interesting sculpture! I agree about the fisherman's hat. It certainly has that look.

- Erulisse (one L)
It always draws my eye whenever I am around Derby Square. But the man's hair is just so strange!
It does look like a fishing man and his mermaid! :D

Statues do tend to have interesting stories/thoughts behind them. Unfortunatley you mostly never know them.
Yes - it was interesting to actually find a proper description of it - or at least what the sculptor had in mind.
Who knew fishing hats were such an enduring fashion!

It's a lovely statue.
I know - a fashion statement right back before clothes!