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Smile please

September 2019



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Colour me French

Our recent holiday to the Loire Valley in France and its beautiful castles provided me with some lovely answers to the recent prompts.

For colour, let me share some interior design of the Renaissance wing of Blois castle with you:

Stained glass windows in the chapel of the Queen's apartments

The Queen's bedroom, if I remember correctly (otherwise, it would be the King's.). The interesting fact here is the interior design: it was done in the 19th century according to the imagination the contemporary conservators had of indoor design and colouring of the Renaissance.
The colours don't convey so well in these shots, as I didn't use flash and it was a very rainy, gloomy day. But they were indeed very brilliant and bright, really overhwhelming in their abundance and intensity. I have serious doubts that the design could have been even close to this, though - I mean, so many different patterns and colours would give everybody nightmares. And wouldn't people prefer to have well-rested sovereigns not already grumpy when getting up? *g*

The King's bedroom (or the Queen's if I mixed it up). Not less colourful and nightmare-inducing than the other bedchamber, but with an interesting addition: large French doors opening to the balconies overlooking the city. The king in question was François I who really brought the Renaissance into the culture of his country, and started right with his new wing of the castle. I don't know at the moment if the French doors have been realised here for the first time, but they weren't in any other of the castles of the early Renaissance we visited or I knew otherwise.
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Great pics And all indeed very colourful.
You have a cool new icon! :o)
Hee, yes brand new. Thankee. :D
wouldn't people prefer to have well-rested sovereigns not already grumpy when getting up?

You'd *think* so!!
Those rooms are... eye-popping, to say the least!
:o))) I couldn't help thinking of a particular sovereign with every throne, bed, royal study and whatever we saw, mentally "measuring" him up how well he would look in that setting... result of watching so many screen-caps, I suppose. ;O)
Hee hee... I cannot imagine WHAT sovereign you're talking about... :D
Heh. As you say, we've definitely been on the same holidays. I loved Blois though mostly for the medieval great hall where you could sit on the fake throne...
*g* I see your point! I'm the Renaissance girl in this, as I have also studied the façade architecture for my degree thesis as object of comparison.
Have you also been to L'Islette, close to Azay-le-Rideau? We were too exhausted to follow the inside tour, but had a lovely time in the very beautiful landscape garden surrounding it. It has opened for view only last year.
What fabulous colours in all three pictures. Those bedrooms do look as if they might give you nightmares - or a headache, though!
*lol* A headache is even more plausible than a nightmare!
Very nice painting on the glass. Lovely!

- Erulisse (one L)
Another of the 19th-century-interpretations how the Renaissance looked like, and even more interesting for this!
Love the windows!
Aren't they beautiful? I loved how they brought brilliant light into the room even if it was overcast and raining outside.