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Smile please

September 2019



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camera happy

cairistiona7 in photo_scavenger


A bowl my daughter made in art class last year...

 photo IMAG1974-1_zps7dd0606d.jpg

It's made from magazine pages, folded into stripes and then glued together.


Nice one. A unique style. :)

So does it function for "stuff", i.e do you use it?
Thank you from my daughter... who would actually be mortified to know I plastered a photo of her artwork online. *g*

It's purely decorative, I think. You might be able to put something light in it, but I'd worry it might eventually fall apart with much use. I'm not sure how sturdy her gluing was!
What a great circle! I remember this type of craft, it's really cool what you can make out of paper. The bowl looks awesome!
I was so impressed. She declared it "terrible", but then she's never seen *my* sad attempts at such things. LOL
That's great! Looks like a lot of work.
I do wonder how long it took. She made it at school, in class over a period of time, but getting details from a 14 y/o is... next to impossible. I asked her and got a shrug and a "I don't know. A while." *rolls eyes*
That's very cool!
I was very impressed. You see these things in the chic decor shops now--it's quite a trendy "green" accessory for the home, made as it is out of recycled material--and, though maybe it's because I'm her mom, but I didn't think the pricey ones looked any better than hers.
That is fascinating!
It really looks like a fun thing to make. Bowls and vases and picture frames made this way are apparently all the rage these days in home decor.
It's very pretty. I love the colors that she used.

- Erulisse (one L)
The colors are actually even brighter than this shows!
wonderful - a circle from what i assume were flat rectangles!
Very true! I could simply repost this if there's a rectangle prompt. :D