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Smile please

September 2019



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Lunar Eclipse

ysilme in photo_scavenger

Growing in circles

A more organic answer to this prompt...

"If there is no more fence, I'm growing in circles!"

And another holiday souvenir: not your typical landscape garden at Amboise castle:

Dozens, no perhaps even hundreds of circular boxwoods. Quite a sight. Ok, maybe they're more correctly called "spherical", but well... ;o)
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Two lovely responses to the prompt!
Thanks! :o)
Oh wow! I love these!

- Erulisse (one L)
*g* - Those boxwoods are amazing, aren't they?
Oh yes! I have a realtively-globus-shaped one in my front yard, inherited from my grandparents and as old as I am. Keeping it in this shape is quite difficult, though. Which reminds me the next cut is urgently necessary... But I really love boxwood. We have another one, rather large, also inherited, and kept too long in an adverse situation, so it was half-dead and partly died-out. We're slowly reviving it, and it's a joy to see the struggle slowly taking root, quite literally.
Haha, Great prompt answer.
Thanks! :o)
I love both of these - but the top one the most, I think.
It's amazing how plants always get their way, isn't it? :o)
How fun, both of those. Circles are such happy shapes!
(That notification delay is worth something after all - I'm discovering how many old entries I've never answered... *blushes*)
Thank you!
the vines look like large versions of the "weeds" i pulled out of my yard last night! it's all in the location, no?

and those boxwoods are hilarious! like pom poms.

great responses to the prompt.
I know the kinds of weeds you mean - I absolutely agree! *g* And now I see the boxwoods as pom poms, too. :o)