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Smile please

September 2019



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curiouswombat in photo_scavenger


It's feeling like autumn. So here is my big red, round, cast iron pot full of simmering soup, with a circular bowl, and a circular plate, along with an almost circular soup spoon and a fairly circular bread bap from the farmers' market...

soup 003

soup 007


Ooooh, your kitchen must smell lovely.
It does! But it is a real smell of 'no more summer'... :(
Very nice and looks oh so good! But what's a bread bap?

- Erulisse (one L)
It is very tasty.

The bap is an unsweetened soft bread roll, roughly 5-6 inches in diameter, with the plain dough enriched a little with lard or butter. It is what we would often use for sandwiches, or to put a burger in - some areas call them barm cakes, but we call them baps. These were particularly nice as they were hand-made and sold at the farmers' market.
Mmm, looks tasty. I'm doing the same: soup for lunch, stews and roasts/roasted veg for evenings. Even though it's not cold, the darker evenings seem to demand it.
Even though it's not cold, the darker evenings seem to demand it.

Exactly. So we had roast chicken with veg on Tuesday, chicken and vegetable rice yesterday, and then I made stock from the carcase to turn into soup for tonight!
Ooh, I see chicken, carrot and is that swede?.. but what else is in your yummy soup?
Chicken stock from the carcase of the roast chicken from Tuesday, bits of chicken from then, too, then onions, cabbage celery, carrot and turnip (swede in your part of the country), and finally a big handful of lentils for the last half hour or so.
Oh, what a delicious kind of circles! Now I'm hungry. *lol*
Both soup and bread were very good.
Fantastic! Another great response to the prompt. Now I'm hungry! :D
Thank you. The soup was really rather good, too!
I should *not* have checked LJ right before dinner... what delicious circles those are!
Thank you. They did taste good!
i love cast iron pots - and what a yummy circular meal. isn't it great how season changes keep our diet varied?
isn't it great how season changes keep our diet varied?

It is, isn't it? The urge to make soup is a really autumnal thing - as is pickling pears, for me. And then, about the time of the first frost, I get the urge to make apple crumble....
my friend has a pear tree - how do you pickle pears? and what do they taste like?
I posted the pickled pears recipe here last year. I sometimes forget the allspice berries and it works fine.

They are both sweet and sour - and go really well with cold meat or cheese.
Thanks for the link! A recipe that I would never go through all those steps, but I think my friend will - that's her type of thing. If she does, perhaps I'll be able to taste them!