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Smile please

September 2019



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lizziebuffy2008 in photo_scavenger


Circles galore...

Day 6

Kew Gardens, London, England; May 2009.


That's both beautiful and appropriate. (And I didn't know you'd been so close to me! I work just along the road from Kew Gardens. But I guess this is before we met!)
Thank you. Yes, we visited for 2 weeks in the spring of 2009. We stayed in a flat near the Gloucester Road tube stop. It was wonderful; lovely weather (we went to Kew Gardens, Windsor, Hampton Court and Greenwich for day trips,) great food, nice people. We definitely want to come back. I will let you know if we get the chance.
I have a very similar picture as the background on my phone! They are magnificent, aren't they/
They are. I loved Kew Gardens.
I love these kind of circles! What a nice shot!
Thank you!
How lovely! That's a marvelous picture.
Thank you. Kew Gardens is a pretty amazing place in the spring.
Oh that is a lovely pic for prompt! I love those... what do you call them again. Lily something right?

I think this circle prompt has brought lots of different and beautiful motives. :)
Thanks. I do not know the official Latin name, but I think they are water lilies. It really has brought out the creative side of everyone.
Water Lilies have a latin name of "nymphaea" i believe. there are lots of varieties.

looks like there are floating pads for what, frogs? there also. lovely place.
I have no idea (I am so ignorant about plants; water or otherwise.:-)) It is a gorgeous place.
That picture makes me feel happy just looking at it.
Thanks. It was a gorgeous day.
I love water lilies!
I do too.
Marvelous. I remember my visit to Kew Gardens with happiness, despite the difficulties my friend and I had getting back to London later that afternoon. It was an extraordinary place and the ponds, such as your picture, were magnificent.

- Erulisse (one L)
Thank you. We had a lovely spring day there.