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Smile please

September 2019



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camera happy

cairistiona7 in photo_scavenger


This one was a bit of a challenge... I apparently have very few triangles in the house.  But I did find this:

 photo IMAG2041-1-1_zps2754f5c6.jpg

Which is the jib (a triangular sail) on my hardly-accurate-but-gets-the-point-across table model of the USS Constitution:

 photo IMAG2043-1-1-1_zps33773c68.jpg


Oh - perfect, and what a handsome ship!
I like my little inexpensive ship model... I have several like it that my mom ordered out of some catalog or another and gave as a gift, so it's very special for that reason, even if it isn't the most detailed or accurate model.

I love your icon!
Oooh, you're having a model of teh USS Constitution at home? *iz awed* I love your very fitting description of the model! *lol* My first thought was "are those sails made of marzipan sheet?"
Nope, it's cloth, not marzipan. LOL

A few years back there was a home decor trend of putting these rather inexpensive naval models here and there. They were meant more for conveying a certain naval/sea vibe than for any sort of historical accuracy. Fun all the same. I have mine sitting below a print of Montague Dawson's The Crescent Moon. http://www.oldgloryprints.com/Crescent_Moon.jpg
Ohhhh, that's gorgeous! I used to build tiny boat models, but that is magnificent.
It really is impressive for all that it's just a sort of fluff piece compared to full-scale, detailed models. I need a wizard to magically pop it into a bottle, though, so it's easier to dust!
Oh that's very pretty and a nice response to the prompt. I love the large three masted ships, there's something rather romantic about those brave men who sailed them into unknown waters.

- Erulisse (one L)
I love all the trappings of the tall ship era... I have to restrain myself on decorating with all the accoutrements, though, or the house would look like Red Lobster. *g*
Thank you!
Oh wow, it's beautiful. I love it! Great for the prompt too. :)
Thank you!

And I love your icon!