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Smile please

September 2019



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myrhiann in photo_scavenger


This is a circle, but strictly speaking it is a globe, in the shape of a dandelion puff ball, located in Kings Cross, Sydney, Australia. This is one of my favourite photos, I hope you like it.


How very beautiful! What a lovely thing to create. A perfect answer to the prompt, no matter where you put it! ;o)
Thank you again. It is the El Alamein fountain, which suggests it commemorates a war event, perhaps Gallipoli? Australian soldiers had a badge on their slouch hats which represented the rising sun, so I'm wondering if that offered inspiration. You can see my knowledge of war is limited. It is never talked about in the homes of men who have been through it, in my experience.
I love puff ball fountains. Of course, I love ALL fountains - LOL. Nice choice for the prompt!

- Erulisse (one L)
Thank you. I love fountains too.
Oh yes, I do like that photo! It's hard to get a good nighttime shot of a fountain, and that's lovely. Always fascinating what fountain-makers can get water to do.
I was just thinking about the fountain. It's name is El Alamein, so it must represent a war victory in the middle East, could be either WW1 or WW2. The Australian soldiers (diggers) had a badge on their slouch hats which represented half of a rising sun. It may have been connected with Gallipoli. (You can see my knowledge is a bit scanty. I will have to look it up on Google. War is never discussed in households where male members have taken part.
Ohhhh, that's lovely!
I think so too.
That's gorgeous! Not surprised it's one of your favourites.
That's lovely. There used to be one like it in Edinburgh and I loved it dearly. But it isn't there any more.
I posted it once before on my journal, and I remember you liked it. My camera is sulking at the moment so I am having to trawl through my hard disc to find something suitable.
It's beautiful. And a great shot in the dark!
I'm really pleased with this pic, and taken in the dark turned out much better than in sunlight. This fountain is one of my many favourite things in Sydney.