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September 2019



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brutti_ma_buoni in photo_scavenger


This is a rather ropey photo, but it's a surprisingly hard prompt, so please forgive me!

Montpellier 2013 296

The Grand Hotel Du Midi, Montpellier, which is the triangular pointy end of a city block. (Technically, I suppose it's a trapezium, since they just nipped the point off for those balconies, but let's not quibble...) It makes for some quite interestingly shaped bedrooms - I was one room along from the pointy end, and distinctly not living amid right-angles for my stay! Also, I love that kind of Railway Age confidence that puts your hotel name in Art Nouveau script and gold like that.


Oh my goodness, I'll bet the shapes of some of the rooms are quite fascinating indeed.
They really are - especially because it's an old hotel, with all the cupboards and bathrooms inserted. My bedroom was an octagon, I think. (Not a regular one!)
I love the triangle buildings. The school where I was educated in jewelry making in San Francisco was located in a triangle building and I thought it was so very wonderful. I also love odd-shaped rooms that you get in buildings that aren't square. So much more fun!

- Erulisse (one L)
I used to live in a wedge-shaped one as a student, which wasn't ideal (no right-angles to put your single bed into, so you would lose either your pillow or the covers). But even that used to please me with its peculiarly-shaped hallways!
I rather like that response!
What a beautiful example for a triangle!
Lovely old building. A great response to the prompt.
Nothing quite like semi-Euclidian geometry:-)
No, let's not quibble, because I liked that building a lot and I think that it can be called a triangular building. Interesting rooms indeed. :

(I was trying to find a pic myself where I was contemplating a ceiling that was not quite a triangle but had sort of roundish corners. Found another at long last though.)