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Vaults often are made from triangles, like this one in the central staircase at Azay-le-Rideau castle in the Loire Valley.

I love vaults, and this of the main hall of Chenonceau castle is particularly beautiful with the elegant, irregular "jumping" of the finishing stones:

Another castle, another set of triangles: the "gardens of love" at Villandry castle (the one with the famous Renaissance vegetable gardens). If I remember correctly, the triangular arrangement symbolises passionate love.

Others have to make do with a simple hedge cut carefully, like here at Langeais castle:

And then there are those who have it in the natural way, like these cypresses at Chinon castle.

I must say, being member of this awesome community made me take quite some more untypical pictures than usual on our holiday trip. This proved to be very useful - but I wouldn't have thought of it without thinking of the possible usage for a prompt... :o)
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