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Smile please

September 2019



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brutti_ma_buoni in photo_scavenger


We have some new skyscrapers abuilding in London just now, and they're all getting nicknames. To go with the existing Gherkin, we have the Cheesegrater, the Shard and the Walkie Talkie. The Walkie Talkie is my favourite, mostly because it's badly designed/built [depending on who you believe] and when still in construction started to beam Death Rays* to the streets below.

I happened to be visiting the area a couple of weekends back to see one of a very few Georgian houses still in the City of London. It turned out to be pretty much *under* the towering Walkie Talkie. The tower is slightly convex, hence the death ray effect, and also hence the slightly weird way it interacts with all the squared-off buildings around.

2013-09-21 14.12.16

This is the actual house I went to see - 4 storeys high, so not small, but under the towering Walkie Talkie, it looks small. Whereas if you look straight up at the building... eek!

2013-09-21 14.13.45 2013-09-21 14.15.20

*Okay, no one died. But a Jaguar was melted. *snoffle*


Love the nicknames! That is indeed an imposing building.
We're still not really a city of skyscrapers, so having three new ones at once is weird. But quite fun in this area, where nobody lives.
LOL The melted Jag made the news over here.
It is a very pleasing story. Privilege pwns privilege.
I really like the way the Georgian house sits there defying the death rays of doom!
*g* I think it's safe - it's the concave south-facing side which is deadly; this is the west which doesn't seem to melt stuff. But yes, I'm very glad a little bit of the old city survives.
Oh my. Call me conservative, but unless it's in a cartoon, a building shouldn't bend like that! It looks like it's ready to topple.
*g* That much I think is architecturally okay - some convex sides and one concave sorta balance (=technical term). But it does look very odd next to proper squared buildings...
Hee! I saw a story about that building melting vehicles, and they compared it to a local building, Las Vegas' new Vdara hotel in City Center, because it can do the same thing (although it was shooting beams at people, since it was aimed at the POOL AREA).

And while I find that extremely likely and probable here in the Southwest, it amuses me that it's happening to buildings in London!
Heh. We had a warm autumn, and the concave surface where the beams focus faces due south. Also allegedly the builders have skimped on sun baffles from the original design, so I suspect lower autumn sun that was stronger than usual caused some issues they weren't expecting. But it's gonna be fun next summer seeing whether it was just a fluke...
Haha, oh yes, I saw those news with reports of a melting car. Gosh. I hope they found a way to sort that out! Great shots of the Walkie.
*g* The architect says they didn't build it right, and skimped on the baffles, so it may be an easy fix. But yes, it's going to be fun finding out next year. I wouldn't park in its sun/shadow...
I read about that in the paper. Poor Jaguar...

A Jag in the City of London doesn't get a whoooole lot of sympathy from me. I am a bad person.
It didn't get to choose its owner, though. On the plus side, it wasn't a classic, either *g*