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Smile please

September 2019



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slaymesoftly in photo_scavenger


So, didn't manage to have my camera handy anywhere this week where I might have seen a tower. But I've got a whole ton of them from our trip to the UK what now seems to be so very long ago. These two are from the same place (and no, I don't remember where it was - mid to northern regions I imagine). It was a bridge with matching towers on both ends of it. No idea why, but it was pretty cool and I took several pics as we drove toward and across it.

 photo CIMG0172_zps601e8ac5.jpg

And the sight of the bus reminds me that it was a one-lane bridge, and difficult to see what was coming. Very exciting....

 photo CIMG0173_zpsa5f2b8f4.jpg

ETA: It's the Middleham Bridge in North Yorkshire. We stayed either in Middleham (I know we went there to see a castle) or in East Witton. Hubby says we stayed in the Blue Lion Inn in East Witton, so I guess we used the bridge getting to and from the castle in Middleham. :)


Well, the bus is going to Ripon, so I'd imagine Yorkshire somewhere! I don't recognise the place, though. I do love civic structures which are more decorative than they need be, even if it's not ideal for drivers.
Well spotted! I was thinking it looked rather like North Yorkshire for some reason - and I wouldn't be far out in that case!

And it is a rather wonderful bridge.
Yes, Yorkshire would be a very likely place. Just don't recall with village it was close to (or which ones it was in-between)
What a fascinating bridge! And naturally since no one is sure where it is, I'm dying to figure it out. LOL Google hasn't given me anything, though.
I suppose I could see if hubby still has the list of places we stayed. That might narrow it down to sort of where it is. I doubt he does still have the list though, or remembers them any better than I do. :)
See ETA above. :)
Yay! And I found it on Google maps... I love looking at their "street view" feature.

I also found this info on the British Listed Buildings site:

"Suspension bridge, now road deck-bridge. Dated 1830, altered 1865. By
Hansom and Welch. Coursed rubble and ashlar, cast and wrought iron. Each
abutment consists of 2 rubble pylons and rear buttressing walls. Each pylon
is rectangular in plan and has a battered base; a turret with a loop-hole on
inner-facing and river-facing sides, the inner ones originally for
suspension cables; and castellated parapets projecting on ashlar corbels.
Each pair of pylons joined by a 4-centred chamfered ashlar arch carrying a
rubble wall with, on inner faces, 2 blank ashlar shields and a panel.
Northern panel inscribed 'THIS BRIDGE was erected by Voluntary Subscription
A.D. 1830, RALPH RIDDELL ESQr. of Cheeseburgh Grange, Northumberland having
very generously contributed thereto thro' the medium of Mr. J. DOUTHWAITE
his Agent by a gift of the land on which the North Abutment and Wing Walls
are built. Messrs. HANSOM & WELCH, Architects'. Cast-and wrought-iron
bridge deck supported on 2 cast-iron columns into river bed. Wrought-iron
parapets, on inner sides panels cast 'HEAD, ASHBY & Co. ENGINEERS 1865
STOCKTON-ON-TEES'. The suspension structure was damaged soon after
construction, it is said by the unlikely phenomena of a herd of cattle,
which were being driven across the bridge, getting into step. It was
repaired, but eventually replaced by the present deck in 1865."

Oh the dangers of cows! :D
That's fascinating! Thanks!
Nicely over the top bridge structure:)
What a lovely specimen of a tower, or rather, several! :o) I thought "suspension bridge" when I saw them, since we saw a similar one on our last holidays, just not half as pretty. I see cairistiona has verified that this at least used to be a suspension bridge. I love the fact that they had the pylons so nicely-looking.