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So, didn't manage to have my camera handy anywhere this week where I might have seen a tower. But I've got a whole ton of them from our trip to the UK what now seems to be so very long ago. These two are from the same place (and no, I don't remember where it was - mid to northern regions I imagine). It was a bridge with matching towers on both ends of it. No idea why, but it was pretty cool and I took several pics as we drove toward and across it.

 photo CIMG0172_zps601e8ac5.jpg

And the sight of the bus reminds me that it was a one-lane bridge, and difficult to see what was coming. Very exciting....

 photo CIMG0173_zpsa5f2b8f4.jpg

ETA: It's the Middleham Bridge in North Yorkshire. We stayed either in Middleham (I know we went there to see a castle) or in East Witton. Hubby says we stayed in the Blue Lion Inn in East Witton, so I guess we used the bridge getting to and from the castle in Middleham. :)
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