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September 2019



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ysilme in photo_scavenger

Arch: lateral and lingual thinking

My first thought for this prompt was the following image. Not for "archery", but because for the weapon, as I was mentally translating the prompt into German, where the word for 'bow' is 'Bogen', the literal translation, and also used for 'arch'. But of course, 'archery' or 'arch' would work as well, I suppose. ;o)

The image was taken at a medieval and fantasy fair with this kind archer posing for me because I needed a banner picture for the MPTT award banners. For the Tolkien geeks among you: the arrow is a proper Legolas arrow, made after the ones the character uses in the first or second movie.

But if this interpretation feels too free for you, take this arch (or vault), arching so impressingly over a surprisingly huge space, particularly considering it was built in the 12th or 13th century and bears a whole castle on top:

The main cellar of Château de Saumur. The image shows about a third of the room or rather hall, destined to take in staples for the times of siege. It is really huge, and standing there, knowing all the weight that rests on top really makes one appreciate the fortifying abilities of vaulted arches.

Not all arches bear weight, of course - like these of the staircase ceiling of the Château d'Azay-le-Rideau, which are meant to give a decorative element of the new era, the Italian Renaissance in France, but still keep a bit of the faithful old gothic style.
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Love the archer! And what is that in the center of the vault ceiling? Is it a skylight of some sort? Or a stone? It's hard to tell, at least on my 'puter screen.
It's a venting hole the size of a fountain, called "venting fountain" there. Up in the courtyard it has your typical fountain-framework.
Nice choices!

I'm currently writing a story chapter that includes an archery tournament, so that first picture really got my attention. :)
Thanks! It must be fun to write this, I imagine.
I really like all three interpretations of the prompt.
Thanks! :o)