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Smile please

September 2019



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brutti_ma_buoni in photo_scavenger

Look up

I love taking steeply raked shots of buildings and the shapes they make against the sky. Partly I think because my job involves looking at lateral and vertical risks, so I'm used to craning my neck, and it helps me notice stuff. It's nice when what you see is something striking instead of blocked guttering and structural cracks...

Here's one from Edinburgh, with a classic Royal Mile tenement rising five storeys from the street level:
2013-10-11 15.21.56

A couple of other neck-strainers below the cut

This is Nimes cathedral, down the side of the bell tower...
Montpellier 2013 240

The really odd non-existent West end of Narbonne cathedral. Just to the right of this is the cathedral choir, which is roughly cut off by a stone infill wall. Then there's (from right) a bit of much later bracing stonework across what should be the transept, one fully formed bay of the nave marooned among incomplete build, and another bit of bracing wall to make sure the whole thing doesn't fall!
Montpellier 2013 031

And stained glass being used as a flat roof at my Montpellier hotel - I love it, even though as you can see keeping it pristine isn't top of their list.
Montpellier 2013 090


Oooh, that bell tower shot is fascinating.

it helps me notice stuff

That's one of the things I like most about participating in this community.
Yes, how people do notice very different things. I highly recommend looking upwards in old towns; the shapes higgledy buildings make against the sky are great.
I am fascinated by the non-existent West end of Narbonne cathedral - and it makes for a really beautiful picture.

I rather like the idea of stained glass as a flat roof.
I sort of knew it was unfinished beforehand, but the reality is so startling - especially because you arrive from the station about the halfway point where the fully finished choir ends and the incomplete building confounds your expectations.

I love that stained glass. I kept on taking pictures, fearful I wouldn't have one to bring back with me!
These are great! I love the patterns against the sky and that skylight - pure joy!

- Erulisse (one L)
I love that stained glass roof. The others made me feel in danger of falling, even though they were interesting.