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Smile please

September 2019



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myrhiann in photo_scavenger

Look Up

My neighbour's chimney. Ours are the same, but have been painted white all over.

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I like the little details on the chimney.
These houses were built around 1920, and the chimney treatment was common at that time.
I'm with shirebound... what nice embellishments around the terra cotta portion of the chimney.
The houses were built about 1920. I think the terra cotta pot may have been added when a wood heater was installed.
Chimneys can be really interesting when you actually stop and look up at them - thank you.
Thank you for your nice comment. I have been to sick to go further afield in search of pics, though, come to think of it, I would have had plenty on the hard drive if I had thought to look.
Such an elaborate chimney!

- Erulisse (one L)
It was probably just the style of the particular builder. Our home, as well as many others in this street was built about 1920, and our home and our neighbour's were obviously built by the same person, although his is 2 storey, and ours is a more modest cottage. There are other cottages with slightly different ornamentation. These were on large blocks of land, which have mostly been subdivided, so that there are 3 buildings where one would have stood originally. Unfortunately ours is on the full 1/4 acre, as is our neighbours. His has been beautifully landscaped though, and also has an indoor pool, which helps to take up some of the extra space.

Back in the days when people kept chooks, possibly a goat, and grew a lot of their own food, that amount of land would have been considered a reasonable thing.
What an interesting and elaborate chimney!