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Smile please

September 2019



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cairistiona7 in photo_scavenger

Look down...

A couple little twists on the phrase, which may be a regional thing:

Looking down our driveway...

 photo IMAG2224-1_zpsb1193e48.jpg

And looking down the valley across the road toward a passing storm...

 photo IMAG2254-1_zpsf27fbc69.jpg

(This shot makes me think of the John Denver lyrics... There's a storm across the valley, the clouds are rolling in...)


These are both really nice pics. Such a beautiful area you live in.

- Erulisse (one L)
Thank you! It's very "Shire-ish" here... I can well imagine hobbits and Rangers and Elves in the hedgerows. :)
Those are both lovely - I agree with Erulisse about what a beautiful place you live.

(As for 'looking down' the road or the hill etc. - we say it too, and I hoped these were the sort of prompts that would encourage different people to think about them in different ways.)
Thank you. I think Tolkien would have liked this area, as it's very Shire-ish. (And very much like England, from what I've been told by British people who have visited or moved here. Inzilbeth has sent me photos of her area in southern England that really look as though they'd been taken just down the road from me--in fact, when I first "met" her online, I thought perhaps she lived nearby. I was very surprised to hear she was six time zones away!)

As for 'looking down' the road or the hill etc. - we say it too

I always imagine it being a common phrase everywhere, but one never knows!
Both of those shots look so peaceful.
It's *very* peaceful where I live... some might find it boring but I love it. :)
What a lovely driveway you have!
Thank you! It's nice to walk down it when the weather allows, but a bit of a hike to get to the mailbox when it's rainy or snowy!
Those are both really beautiful, evocative shots.
Thank you!
It is beautiful!
Thank you!
Oh what lovely views. Really great pics and good response!
Thank you!
Oh, such beautiful autumn pictures! I fully agree about the second pic, that are indeed clouds rolling in.
Thank you! Those clouds gave us a nice dose of rain that day. :)
It's been an exceptionally beautiful autumn this year. The colors are vibrant.
Our fall colors were a little... scattered this year. I think because we had one blast of cold in the midst of a lot of warmer-than-usual weather the colors sort of trickled in and out instead of the usual sudden burst. The oaks especially were really slow to change--about two weeks behind normal, whereas the hickories were a little early. It was just a very odd one for us, but pretty it its own way, as they always are.