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Smile please

September 2019



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camera happy

cairistiona7 in photo_scavenger

Look out...

I'm not sure what she was watching, but Pepper was keeping a close look out over the woods yesterday...

 photo IMAG2372-1_zps5adaa8e1.jpg

 photo fb0e3c92-259c-4298-b984-0e5477531f48_zpsa62435b8.jpg


What a wonderful and sweet guardian you have there.
She's a good little Ranger kitty. :)
Awww, what a gorgeous cat! I want to reach out and stroke the screen!
She really is a pretty little grey tabby. In the winter she sprouts a thick, golden undercoat--you can just see it starting to come in. She feels like a bunny rabbit, it's so soft. :)
Yep - that is definitely a cat on look-out duty!
Something so caught her attention that she didn't even notice I was taking photos!
Must have been something!
I never did see anything, though our woods are home to any number of small creatures. Whatever it was put her into full Ranger Kitty mode.
How beautiful!
Thank you!
Too cute!
Thank you!
*loves Ranger kitty*
She's definitely our Ranger kitty.
Gorgeous photos!He looks very intent on making sure no aliens invade. :-)
Thank you! She really does keep a good lookout for little four-legged rodent invaders. :)
Aww, what a cutie. On guard for hunt me thinks. :D Lovely autumn pics.
Thank you! She is definitely a Mighty Huntress Kitty.
Oh, I just love her in 'Ranger Kitty' mode. What a beauty she is.

- Erulisse (one L)
Thank you! Ranger Kitty mode seems to be her default. *g*
Now this is a serious feline job she did there, isn't it? Too bad we humans are forever too blind, dumb, inattentive to understand our furrie's businesses... :D
So beautiful pics, and such a lovely, must-cuddle-kitty kind of dearie! ♥ (And she just looks so much like late Arradon I did a double take seeing the pic.)
Thank you! I wish she was a little more cuddly, but she's too much of a Fierce Ranger Kitty, always on guard so no time for cuddles. She will, however, indulge herself in face rubs. *g*
You mean you have a feline female impersonation of Aragorn living with you? *iz awed* *sighs deeply*
Yep, she really is a bit Aragorn-ish. Very regal and fierce most of the time time, but sometimes a little bit of mirth and silliness bubble up. *g*