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Smile please

September 2019



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hobbituk in photo_scavenger

Look out...

I went to a meeting in London today. It was hosted by a big legal firm in Blackfriars and they occupy the first floor (second floor for American readers) of a plush building. When I took this picture I was looking out of their reception area, looking at the main reception. I couldn't work in these offices - the glass walls gave me the heebie jeebies!!

look out


Oh, me too. I always worry about people with vertigo (I am one) who work in these kinds of firms (which I don't). Wall to floor glass eek!
Oh, it was worse! The lifts were all glass too (thankfully a solid floor...). I couldn't go anywhere near the edge/walls, I felt quite sick.

Luckily the meeting room we were in was traditionally built with proper walls and everything..
I had to minute a meeting at Rothschilds once - 7th floor, outward facing, all glass walls. I had my back to the only internal wall and was shuddering throughout. (And I've got to run a workshop in a 15th floor room in 5 months time and I'm already freaking out - skyscrapers are all way too glassy for my liking.)
*note to self* NEVER, EVER go to a Rothschilds building...
Oh my, such a lack of any privacy! I didn't know there were offices like that. A very fascinating photo.
I know I would hate to be there every day. As you say no privacy whatsoever.
That would take some getting used to. Kinda weird.
Oh no. I would hate working in such a place. :o
Eep, these are offices? I'm with you, I couldn't work there! You'd feel all the time the gazes of about everybody in your back, I suppose...
And up your skirt if you stood too close to the wall! I would hate to be there permanently.
I think I'm in the minority here, but I love the glass-in look and glass elevators make me very happy. I don't have a problem with heights, instead my issue is with closed-in spaces. We all have our own phobias :-)

Thanks for sharing this wonderful view.

- Erulisse (one L)
I don't think I'd mind the glass/heights, but the feeling of being 'visible' all the time would get to me *g*