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Smile please

September 2019



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Lunar Eclipse

ysilme in photo_scavenger

Look out!

Summer 2012, Gothenburg Harbour. Look out! A large carrier is making its meandering and unskilled way out, unsuccessfully trying to avoid collisions with the incoming ships...

... thankfully, just in virtual reality, at the carrier simulator at the Martime Museum, with the WW at the helm. (At least he rammed only some small yachts, but made his way out. I managed to ram the carrier at one of the docks and had it sinking. *blushes*)

And a bit later that day....

... after a delicious lunch at the deck bistro, the same in a more historical setting, on the Viking in the harbour of Gothenburg.


Oh, that would be so much fun. Is it really that difficult to maneuver ships like that? I've never steered a water craft of any type, so I have no idea, but I imagine they don't react quite like a Porche on the Autobahn...

- Erulisse (one L)

Edited at 2013-11-07 02:06 pm (UTC)
Well, I can't even sail myself, much to my regret, but am not too bad at rowing and paddling a canoe, including the steering. But the carrier in that simulation (which said it was a real training simulation) reacted so slowly you saw and felt any changes you made only far, far too late. Having no feeling whatsoever what the numbers of the screen mean doesn't help, of course. We both love to visit Maritime and Ship Museums and give each opportunity a go where you can steer something, and the year before there was the cockpit of a fishing smack in a Museum (Swedish East Coast, Karlskrona) mounted on such a three-dimensionally-moving thingy, with sound and images of a storm on the screens. You felt the movements and the rudder reactions, and could react with your own sense of movement, making this much easier. But that behemoth - whoa. Any computer game I've ever played, be it with keyboard or controller, reacted more swiftly and easily, and felt easier to master.
On the screen to the left there is the map of the area one just traverses, and where the course is visible and the obstacles and bends ahead. But also with this I was totally helpless to predict any of the changes I should have made. We joked afterwards that the WW had some experience ahead of me, as he had been in an armoured unit during his military service.
I love ships. :)
They are something special, aren't they? :o)
I'd probably have crashed the simulation just as convincingly *g*...

The second one looks very inviting
We spent a lovely couple of hours there. Highly recommended if you ever come to Gothenburg! :o)
'Driving' a large ship looks to be rather good fun.
I would rather settle for a smaller one, but one where you still have the feeling of the vessel... this huge thing "felt" more like moving an apartmentblock or so. *g* But no matter, I really like these simulator things.
That is really cool! Hehe, small ships better stay away. :D

Lovely ship the Viking. I haven't seen it in real. :/
Absolutely worth a visit! You're much closer than me anyway. ;o)