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Smile please

September 2019



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notes from a small island

curiouswombat in photo_scavenger

Look Out

I went to town this afternoon, with the intention of then going out the other side, slightly, to take a specific picture. But I auto-pilotted and found myself more than half-way home before I remembered...

So, instead, one from the album -

365 week 38 Monday

That is a statue of motor-cycle champion the late Steve Hislop, looking out over Douglas bay.


Awesome statue (and a good view)
It is a good statue - he was from the Scottish Borders, but lived within a mile or two of the statue until he was killed in a helicopter accident about 10 years ago, and the statue is looking over towards Scotland.
What a gorgeous response to the prompt.
Thank you. Sometime this week I must go up to the opposite headland and take the picture I intended!
A very fitting "look out"! I don't know anything about the life of statues, but he must have a great life, with this view all the time.

"But I auto-pilotted and found myself more than half-way home before I remembered.."
*g* How nice to see this not only happens to me!
It is a rather good view - it was a very well thought out place to put the statue.

And yes - I drive on auto-pilot more often than I should.
That's awesome. What a marvelous shot.
It is a nice place to look out from.
That is a really lovely view, and it is appropriate that a Motor Cycle Champion has the honour of gazing out at it.
It is most appropriate - and his two sons still live within about 5 miles of the statue, as far as I know.
It's a beautiful shot and he looks a handsome man. What is the plastic bin doing to the side? Just curious...

- Erulisse (one L)
He was not a classically beautiful man, but a striking one, I think.

As for the plastic box - I really have no idea - I didn't even notice it when I stopped to take the picture, and only noticed it when I looked at the picture later. If I had noticed it I would have probably moved it out of the way. I can only conclude that one of the people, who sometimes sit on the public bench near the statue to eat their lunch, put their box down and forgot it.