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Whilst remembering that I needed to post a picture (or two...) for this prompt I looked beside me where I was sitting;


My to-do list for this week to help me remember everything - lying on top of a book containing 'letters, diaries and memories of the Great War', to help us remember how awful war is, and under that is the copy of the church rotas, as mentioned in point 7 on the to-do list, to help me remember when I might be doing what between now and mid January.

So the prompt answered itself, more or less.

But I actually had a couple of other photos in my mind - so I have added them

Remembrance Sunday a

That was taken in Church on Sunday after our Service of Remembrance.

This is a close-up of what you see on the floor -

Remembrance poppy field 2

It is a field of poppies, each made of two small thumb prints and a little finger print, by some small people.

And also - every October we remember that there are children living still in the long shadow of Chernobyl, who do not get Christmas gifts unless we remember them in the autumn and fill boxes for them...

Sho Boxes 2013

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