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Smile please

September 2019



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curiouswombat in photo_scavenger


Whilst remembering that I needed to post a picture (or two...) for this prompt I looked beside me where I was sitting;


My to-do list for this week to help me remember everything - lying on top of a book containing 'letters, diaries and memories of the Great War', to help us remember how awful war is, and under that is the copy of the church rotas, as mentioned in point 7 on the to-do list, to help me remember when I might be doing what between now and mid January.

So the prompt answered itself, more or less.

But I actually had a couple of other photos in my mind - so I have added them

Remembrance Sunday a

That was taken in Church on Sunday after our Service of Remembrance.

This is a close-up of what you see on the floor -

Remembrance poppy field 2

It is a field of poppies, each made of two small thumb prints and a little finger print, by some small people.

And also - every October we remember that there are children living still in the long shadow of Chernobyl, who do not get Christmas gifts unless we remember them in the autumn and fill boxes for them...

Sho Boxes 2013


a field of poppies, each made of two small thumb prints and a little finger print

Oh my, how lovely.
It was so easy to do - and yet it looked really effective.
What a marvelous assortment of memories stacked up next to your chair.

- Erulisse (one L)
It's my bad habit of piling everything within arm's reach! But this time it made for a good picture.
All lovely, and all such perfect responses to the prompt.
Thank you!
All good responses.
Thank you.
Perfect selection. I especially like that first photo.
Thank you. It really did more or less take itself!
This is a well-rounded set of memories! I'm in awe of your nicely-written to do list - mine are usually all kinds of scrap paper, and I rarely manage to cross all points off, so they get transferred to the next one... and I just realised doing this scrap-using the way I do is a constant remembering of my paternal grandparents. They were bombed out in WWII and had to begin from scratch, and I learned sustainable living from them. Everything was reused as much as possible, which, for me, led directly into my environtalism livestyle. Like my grandfather I have a box sitting on my desk (re-used as well, it once contained postcards) where every usable scrap of paper goes in for to do and shopping lists. When I was small I often sat with him, passing him the sheets typed on one side, or with typos (typewriter generation, of course), or the few sheets of letterbox advertisements typical for the time (we're talking late 70s). Every sheet got cut down meticulously in postcard-sized pieces by his letter opener and was sorted into his box.
Now I'm all sentimental... :o)
I'm really pleased that my memories sparked off such nice ones of your own. Although it was on the back of a piece of paper that I had printed something, wrongly, onto the other side... I'd forgotten to click landscape rather than portrait.

So it wasn't that wasteful!
Oh, I'm sorry, I really didn't mean it like that! I really couldn't care less if you use a brand-new white table-cloth or loo roll for your lists, or anything in between! *g* But isn't it funny how a simple image sometimes can trigger so many memories? They also totally carried me away; I rather wanted to express my admiration how neat your list is kept - due to my using scraps mine are always cramped and scribbled and not legible to anybody but me. But then, while I'm quite the list writer, I'm not good at all at ticking them off... ;O)