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Smile please

September 2019



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slaymesoftly in photo_scavenger

Look Out and Remember

So, as we all know, my memory left with my estrogen and it's not coming back. Therefore, the front of my fridge has not one, but two boards on it. One shows the whole week, the other is for putting important reminders in big letters everyday. As long as we remember (heh) to keep the week updated, and to post the things we shouldn't forget (for instance: on Monday the blank board will read "Trash!" in big letters - to be erased only if and when the trash can has gone down to the end of the driveway to wait for the Tuesday morning pickup).

 photo P1020072_zps66631db9.jpg

And, just to put last week's prompt in the books - this is Gunny, on the look out for squirrels, the bane of his existence.

 photo gunnyheadcopy_zps73641f2c.jpg


Oh my, Gunny is so beautiful!

I keep a daily calendar, and can't imagine how people keep their lives moving without notes and calendars right in front of them.
:) If I didn't have the day's important activities (or chores) up there in big letters where I can't miss it... Yeah, it wouldn't go well. :)
I always leave notes for myself and my mother did the same thing. Notes are essential in the lives of busy people.

- Erulisse (one L)
They are! There's a limit to how much even younger minds can hold. :)
Gunny is so handsome! Great shots!
Thank you. :)
Lovely dog.

Notes and lists are essential to my existence, too, though not quite as well organised *g*
What a gorgeous dog! Is that a Samoyed? (Hard to tell size from the photo). We had an American Eskimo/Spitz years ago... she looked like a mini-Samoyed and was such a sweet little dog.

I absolutely live by the calendar I keep in my purse. Between my appointments, my daughter's, my father's and my husband's, there's no way to keep track of everything without it!
*nods* Yes, he is a Sam. Much bigger than an Eskie, although now that they are AKC recognized and being shown, I've noticed they are beginning to resemble mini-Sams even more than they did a long time ago. :)

I have a purse calendar and one on my laptop. I try to keep them coordinated, but the fridge is where we make sure to put everything pertinent for that week. :)
What a lovely lookout! :o)

I could need a fridge like that, too, but it would be a bit difficult to carry it around all the time. *g* But I hear you about that special memory problem! I'm still figuring out what works best for me.