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Smile please

September 2019



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slaymesoftly in photo_scavenger


So, for bridge I offer a selection:

#1 - this is how we cross the river from Virginia to Maryland where I live. In lieu of an actual, you know, bridge. :)

 photo P1010406_zpsef845991.jpg

#2 - This is what happened to the "bridge" across our stream last year. So again, this is not-a-bridge. :)

 photo P1010194.jpg

#3 And this is a little bridge across my make believe river in the front yard.

 photo CIMG0535.jpg

#4 A real bridge! I think I've shared this one before for "tower", but it was the only real bridge I could find easily. I thought I had a picture of Iron Bridge, but I guess my hubby must have taken all those pics. *sigh*

 photo CIMG0172_zps601e8ac5.jpg


These were such fun and such a varied group. I hope the ones I find on Wednesday are nearly as nice.

- Erulisse (one L)
It was a fun prompt. I could probably have done several more. :)
What a lovely assortment! Your wee bridge is very sweet.
Thank you. I love little bridges. If they weren't so expensive, I'd have them all over the place - everywhere there is the tiniest ditch to cross. :) I'd love to have a real bridge to put across the stream, but I know it would be swept away in no time.....
I like them all. Your tiny bridge is very sweet - but, oh, your poor collapsed road.
I love my little bridge. :) Not so much the road that washes out every time the stream floods... Someday (perhaps not in my lifetime - lol) they will have to bite the bullet and replace the rusting and collapsing pipes and/or put a "real" bridge that begins farther up the hill and lifts the road bed above the stream's banks.
Great choices! I love these small car river ferries, though I suppose they must be inconvenient in daily use.
You just have to build in a bit of extra time in case you arrive when it's on the other side and have to wait. Or, if it's a nice day, there may be a long line to get on. It's pretty speedy though when it's busy, and it's no more inconvenient than going miles out of the way to find a bridge. :)
I love those little garden bridges! And low-water crossings, boo. We have a lot of those in our area that look pretty much like that after big heavy rains. If only bridges weren't so expensive!
Yes, they are expensive. But really, when you have to come back several times a year - sometimes with heavy equipment - to replace/repair the rocks/gravel/whatever that the next big storm will just wash away again... I keep thinking it's got to be cheaper in the long run to just build something less vulnerable. But I'm told that's not how VDOT budgets are set up. Nobody thinks about the long-term costs, just what will be needed each year. *sigh* I will admit, this was the worst in has been in recent memory, but the next storm began chipping away at it already and they've already had to come back twice to fill in washed out spots. It's very disconcerting to be standing in the middle staring down a hole to the water. :)
Jubal Early? He's not just a Serenity character?? I must google!

Nice bridges/not quite bridges - quite the mix.
Post-Google: Ahhh, Civil War history, not my forte. But good to know!
LOL - yep. That ferry is probably the only reason anyone still knows his name.
A nice collection of (not-)bridges:-)

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