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Smile please

September 2019



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sea longing

cairistiona7 in photo_scavenger


From a trip to Florida a few years ago, one of the bridges in the Tampa area:

 photo IMG_9218_zpsffe9c1a7.jpg

Here's how it looks as you drive across:

 photo IMG_9224_zpsdaafbece.jpg


I remember seeing pictures of this bridge when I look for phenomenal bridges throughout the world. Lovely!

- Erulisse (one L)
I think it's called the Sunshine Skyway Bridge... very apt name! It's really impressive as you drive up toward it.
Really pretty! Like sailboats.
It does bring to mind sailboats... by design, no doubt!
That is a very beautiful bridge.
It's definitely one of the most impressive bridges I've had the privilege to see.
I think I remember driving across (or, possibly more likely riding across) that bridge a long time ago. Unless there's more than one of them like that...
I did some googling and found out its official name is the Sunshine Skyway Bridge, and it was finished in 1987... so if you were in Tampa in the years since, you probably did drive across it.
Ah, nope. I must be remembering some other bridge with a sharp rise to it. It was a long time ago.
The coastal GA area has bridges that seem to be almost identical to this. The one in Savannah, Hilton Head (SC) and Brunswick come to mind. They're awesome to drive over, but when you're driving you can't enjoy the view as much :)
Yes, far better to be a passenger if you want to take in the view--which fortunately I am, most of the time. *g*
I love how from a distance it looks like there are boat sails right on top of the bridge.
It's such a striking feature, and so appropriate. I was really surprised as we drove closer to see that the "sails" were actually painted yellow. From a distance, they look white.
Some very nice lines in that construction:-)
It really is a beautiful bridge. Kudos to whoever designed it!
Great shots of a spectacular bridge! The second image is so cool with the blue sky, yellow bridge support and red car! :o)
Thank you! The composition on that second shot was purely accidental but it did end up being a nice blend of primary colors, didn't it. LOL