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Smile please

September 2019



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crysania4 in photo_scavenger


Gosh I haven't posted in awhile! But I have one of a bridge I like. This is my dog running across a suspension bridge at Glen Highland Farm, which is a neat Border Collie rescue. During the summer and fall, people can rent tents and cabins and stay there, hike trails, let the dogs go swimming, etc.


Sadly, our dogs were probably the last to cross the bridge. Later that day a huge thunderstorm came through and the creeks, which were already fairly high, overflowed and it took out the bridge.


Awwww, look at that happy frolic. Had he been swimming?
Yep! First time ever actually. She loves the water but she doesn't like for her feet to come off the ground. The thing she's wearing is a lifejacket! We wanted to see if she could swim at all, so my partner got into the water with her, took hold of the handle and pulled her into the deeper part. He held her until she started to make swimming motions and then released her. Turned out she can swim REALLY well. She just has to learn that it's not scary!

This is her in the lifejacket so you can see what it is.

That's so awesome. I have no idea if my 6-year old rescue pup can swim, or would enjoy open water. She certainly despises the bathtub.
You never know until you try! Dahlia is none too fond of baths but she loves water. She'll happily play in it with it up to her chest and neck but gets nervous if her feet leave the ground. It took a little while to get that way though. When we first got her (at 2 years old) she was freaked out by water a bit but then once she tried going into it realized it was great fun!
What a fabulous photo. It sounds like an excellent place - pity the bridge was lost - but at least you got a picture first :)
What a happy pic! Too bad the bridge is gone, but hopefully it was replaced.