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Smile please

September 2019



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James - eyes

debris4spike in photo_scavenger

Look Out - Looking Out

Seeing as I am using older photos I thought I would post 2 with a variety of themes!

 photo DSC_0269_zps2764f949.jpg

One of the many signs around our roads with warmings on

 photo DSC_0204_zps0fc321cc.jpg

As ever it is fun to look out of holes in castle walls ... this was Launceston Castle c. 1070 (in Cornwall, England) ... and looking out towards the modern town.


Ooooh, that castle view is so nice.
There are quite a few ruins - so I certainly had fun with my camera that day!
Love the castle view.

Roads in our mountainous regions have similar signs. Here the escape lane is called a "runaway ramp" or "runaway truck ramp"... usually a steep uphill ramp with deep, loose sand to stop big trucks that lose control on steep grades. Kind of scary stuff, really!

Yes, our Escape Lanes are the same ... this isn't very steep, but it is on a fast road, after quite a few miles of straight-ish driving there is quite an s shaped bend on a hill (and it always catches the ice/snow!)
I really like both of those.
Thanks ... not usual that I have 2 different ideas for the same prompt!
These are quite nice. The truck lanes are usually called "Runaway Truck Lanes" back in my old home grounds of Colorado and New Mexico. The Rocky Mountains can be quite steep and many a set of brakes have been burned out on the hills and curves.

Love the castle wall. Not much protection offered by that opening though, is there?

- Erulisse (one L)
When we were kids/teens we caravanned a lot, and it was always dad's fear when we went to some European countries.

As the castle is on a hill I suppose they hoped that their enemies would not get too near anyway.
Great choices! Those warning sings are fascinating. I know similar ones, but have never seen the upper two in combination with the escape lane sign. How steep is that incline?
Launceston castle is lovely, but I have only ever seen it from the outside. So nice to revisit the beautiful landscape here! ♥
The road is only a 1 in 8, but is a fast road and has an S bend on it. Catches the ice easily as well.

As you approach Launceston it looks like a like a "proper" castle, doesn't it? Inside, it is amazing how much still stands - I enjoyed my stroll round.