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Smile please

September 2019



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K Baby pic

curiouswombat in photo_scavenger


This made me smile this week -

note for nativity

(he nursery group who meet in the church hall are coming, in their own costumes, to join in the church nativity service. This might turn out to be very interesting!)

Also, smile - we thought she was... until we saw the picture;

favourite baby pic of all time photo katherinebabypic.jpg

(And yes - that is a very long time ago!!)


It is really interesting to see a pic of your very youthful family, and to compare it with D'd's recent calling to the bar.
There is almost exactly 25 years between the two - this was one of some my brother-in-law took when she was about 8 months old. Imagine if she was to pull such a face in court!
She would probably be removed from the court if she did.
Oh my gosh... that list actually made me laugh out loud. Too funny!

And I love the photo. You may not have gotten the smile you thought you were, but that expression is priceless!
Isn't that list wonderful?

We still have a copy of that family picture, framed, in pride of place. My brother-in-law actually took it, and he had a much more 'correct' one framed for us - but when he gave us that one as well, we decided we had to frame it. It's one of her own favourite pictures, too.
Ahha - the original of the icon :-)

It was too much fun not to iconise it, really!
That's a priceless "smile" indeed!
Isn't it? It still makes me smile myself, all these years later.

That Bear (Don't Ask) still makes me giggle.


Me too!

(and also still giggling at the bear)
The bear turned out to be quite cute - and I'm not sure most of the congregation even noticed that that is what he was!
What a lovely picture of you three! This is the funniest and most awesome kid's "smile" I've ever seen! :o) What does the model say today of her outstanding performance? ;o)
The "bear - don't ask" is hilarious.
She really likes that picture - she has a copy of it herself.

And the bear note makes me smile every time I think of it - but he was quite cute, and probably half the congregation thought he was a cow anyway :)