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Smile and Dark

I have a collection of snowmen that I put out every Christmas that just fits atop an armoire, with no room for more, but it took a massive amount of willpower not to buy these:
 photo IMAG1952-1-1_zps72f5fae9.jpg

And this from last Christmas season, at a local theme park. It's a giant Christmas tree whose lights flash and change to the music, always a highlight of our Christmas season:

 photo IMAG0271_zps5973bd54.jpg

It's difficult to get a good video of it as it's actually playing, but someone's uploaded a fairly decent one here:   As you can see from the small building and the silhouette of the people around it, it's really quite massive. It stands in the main square of the park and plays a small selection of Christmas music every 15 minutes.  It doesn't play the same songs each time, but Carol of the Bells in particular usually stops everyone in their tracks.

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