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Smile please

September 2019



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cairistiona7 in photo_scavenger

Smile and Dark

I have a collection of snowmen that I put out every Christmas that just fits atop an armoire, with no room for more, but it took a massive amount of willpower not to buy these:
 photo IMAG1952-1-1_zps72f5fae9.jpg

And this from last Christmas season, at a local theme park. It's a giant Christmas tree whose lights flash and change to the music, always a highlight of our Christmas season:

 photo IMAG0271_zps5973bd54.jpg

It's difficult to get a good video of it as it's actually playing, but someone's uploaded a fairly decent one here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cFmSD8Uy7iA   As you can see from the small building and the silhouette of the people around it, it's really quite massive. It stands in the main square of the park and plays a small selection of Christmas music every 15 minutes.  It doesn't play the same songs each time, but Carol of the Bells in particular usually stops everyone in their tracks.


Those are some adorable snowmen!
Aren't they? I'm such a sucker for those things... I have about 25 already so I do NOT need more, but it's soooo tempting. *sigh*
Those snowmen certainly did make me smile!

And I love the Singing Ringing Tree.
I have such a weakness for cute snowmen collectibles.

And it is a kind of Singing Ringing Tree, isn't it.
Aww, those are cute:)
*must not buy*
*must not buy*
*must not buy*

(And I suspect by now they're all sold out anyway. I took that pic back in early fall when they were just getting the Christmas merchandise set up at that particular store.)
I like them!The tree is just amazing.

Edited at 2013-12-11 01:39 am (UTC)
It really is a sight to see, that tree!
When some of the colours are on, the tree looks a bit like a knitted hat! *g* I can imagine how impressive and beautiful this tree is! And I can well relate to the willpower necessary not to buy these snowmen *g* - I have a collection of Santas I take out every Advent and place them around the house. Most are rather small, and they all must be unusual or fun in a special way or being a gift from someone special; not just any will do! *g* But setting them in their accustomed place is a ritual I love every year. Sadly, my favourite, a knitted one, has been damaged by moths last year and now looks a bit on the wonky side.
LOL... it does sometimes look like a hat, doesn't it.

I admit that several of my snowmen are in the "just any" category, relatively speaking, because they simply caught my eye in the store and the price was right. But then there's a lot that *don't* catch my eye, so I suppose even the ones I've bought for myself are special in their own way. :)
I absolutely agree with this kind of special. My "limit of choice" was set back then mostly to not get overenthusiastic with any Santa I saw, as it has been for a time when I often had to force myself to not get another one simply because it was cute. *ggg*