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Smile please

September 2019



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brutti_ma_buoni in photo_scavenger


I used to have an image of a proper labyrinth, but unfortunately lost it due to poor backup, tut.

So this is just a meditation aid in church which can't be physically followed - but just as relevant for people who want to use it for penance or prayer. Progress and turn, progress and turn. So it goes.

 photo StrasbourgandAlsace306.jpg


What a great use of the prompt.
Thank you!
I've always wanted to try walking a labrynth... I hear it's very calming. Very nice take on the prompt.
*g* You have more patience than me, then! But as a meditation aid on the wall, I can definitely see its advantages.
Good one:) I'd do a lot of starting over I suspect
*g* These ones for churches have just the one path, but you do have to have the patience to take it all the way - that'd be where I fall down...
There is something quite calming about just looking at it, isn't there?
Yes, I think it would make a good meditation aid if you need such a thing. Just follow a path as long as you need.
I've never seen one painted (?) on the wall to do it mentally only. What a good idea!
I think it's inlaid stone, not paint - a lovely smooth surface you want to touch, which is what I'd do if I owned such a thing. Walking with your fingers!
It's lovely. I like the design and can't imagine anyone finding their way through it if it were large enough to travel through.
*g* these ones for churches only have the one path, if you follow it consistently. You just need the stamina and patience to walk it - that's where I fall down, I'm afraid. Much happier with it on the wall!