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Smile please

September 2019



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Lunar Eclipse

ysilme in photo_scavenger

Catching up: Buttons smiling in the dark

I've fallen awfully far behind with commenting and my entries. There is no way I will manage to catch up with the comments, but let's try the prompts, at least.

Buttons and Bows:

This one gave me a hard time. I finally settled for a set of handmade tulipwood buttons, given to me by a friend who knows I love to knit. I haven't knit a cardigan in ages, and at least one or two yet-to-be-knit sweaters and cardigans are laying around in my wool drawer. Taking out the buttons for the shot created one of my New Year Resolutions: start again larger knitting projects than socks! *g*


Spotted on a winter walk on the beach while on holiday; the two little snow patches just asked for the smiling mouth to be added. Can you spot the ears, too? :o)


I love to shoot flames and light in the dark, but you can imagine how difficult it is to get a good result. I'm rather satisfied with this one. Taken on a Medieval Christmas Fair where no artificial light is used at all.


Ooooh, your camera takes good pics in the dark.

I just love those buttons.
Thanks! It takes some luck and patience, though - I usually take about 30 shots or more and perhaps have one good result to show. *g*
I see the ears! :D Those are lovely buttons, and very nice shot indeed of the flames.
Thanks! :o)
Very nice buttons, :-) at the smiley-face, and great flames
Thank you! :o)
I really like all three - but I think the one for Dark is my absolute favourite.
You do have, once again, a very cool icon. Do you know where these people are all standing about?
The icon is from a picture by Spencer Tunick taken on the Aletsch glacier, in Switzerland. It was a protest about global climate change, I think.

There is a bigger version, and more of his work, in this article.
Thanks for the link, I haven't heard of him before. What awesome artwork!